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Public Concerns

The Board of Education believes the quality of the educational program can improve when the district listens to complaints, considers differences of opinion, and resolves disagreements through an established objective process.

The Board expects individuals to make every effort to resolve their complaints and disagreements informally before resorting to formal complaint procedures. Individuals are encouraged to discuss complaints first with the employee who is the subject of the complaint or has oversight of the area in dispute, or with that employee’s immediate supervisor prior to presenting the complaint to the district administration. Anonymous complaints are not pursued.

If the complaint has not been resolved by those directly involved with the issue, it is appropriate to present the complaint to the district administration. Please use the following guidelines in determining which district-level department to contact:

Concerns regarding a district employee should be directed to the Human Resources Department at (209) 830-3260.

Concerns regarding student issues including discipline, grades, or student activities should be directed to the Student Services Department at (209) 830-3280.

Concerns regarding textbooks should be directed to the Instructional Media Center at (209) 830-3252.

Concerns regarding curriculum should be directed to the Special Programs Department at (209) 830-3275.

Concerns regarding Special Education be directed to the Special Education Department at (209) 830-3270.

Concerns regarding GATE and school calendars should be directed to the Alternative Programs Department at (209) 830-3210.

The appropriate person in the departments listed above will review the issues and determine the course of action. 

If the issue remains unsolved after this step, individuals can contact the associate or assistant superintendent of the appropriate division for further review.

Individuals not satisfied with the outcome of a review by an associate or assistant superintendent may then contact the district superintendent at (209) 830-3201.

After an individual has exhausted all other avenues in the district for presenting a concern, an individual may bring the issue to the Board’s attention. Although the Board members do not have authority to act individually to resolve complaints, the full seven-member Board acting as a governing body does. To request that that Board review a concern, the request must be submitted in writing to the President of the Board with supporting documents and information. Correspondence to the Board President can be submitted to the Superintendent’s Office and placed in the Board President’s district mailbox.

Contact Information

To contact the Board of Education or Superintendent, phone (209) 830-3201 or visit the Superintendent’s Office in the Tracy Unified School District Education Center at 1875 W. Lowell Ave. in Tracy.