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Wolfpack Robotics - Competitive Robotics Teams: Wolfpack Robotics is an after-school club sponsored by the Space and Engineering Academy but open to all West High students. Most of the team members are Academy students. The club is divided up into teams of 6-7 students, and each team designs, builds, and programs a robot made out of VEX Robotics equipment. The robots are designed to perform in regional VEX Robotics Tournaments.

Competitive robotics is exciting, challenging, and engaging for our robotics teams. Without even realizing it, students are developing valuable skills in design, mechanics, programming, strategy, problem-solving, and teamwork. Our teams put in two to four or more hours each week after school working on their robots.
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Our 2013-2014 Teams:
Team Students Photo Awards
Alpha Huzaifa Abdul-Rehman, Jordon Moore, Chandler Chen, Andres Perez, Jose Ramirez, Shiv Khanna, Nihil Pudota alpha  
Omega Brianna Sandoval, Shervin Suresh, Sarfaraz Mohammed, Roselyn Duong, Matthew Ives, Jonathan Castaneda, Christian Cuenco omega
Psi Paige Mikels, James Delgado, Kurin Jaspal, Madhusha Goonesekera, Jason Lockard, Clark Thorburn, Adam Christensen  
Rho Zain Munad, David Gibbard, Michael Fan, Jordan Langland, Cameron Ojeda, George Khalilieh, Bryan Allaire Finalist, Dougherty Valley VEX Robotics Tournament
Theta AJ Dizon, Tim Costa, Trent Wilkinson, Abi Thube, Kyle Snow, Ganesh Vurimi, Ervin Baccay  

The 2013-2014 Competition - "Toss Up": VEX Toss Up is played on a 12’ by 12’ square field as shown at right. Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a 15-second autonomous period followed by 1 minute 45 seconds of driver-controlled play. Each robot (no more than 18”x18”x18” to start) begins a match on one of their colored alliance tiles.  The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent alliance. There are 8 buckyballs and 4 beachballs of each color available for scoring in the game.  There are two goal zones and two 24" tall goals where the balls can be scored.  There are also obstacles that robots much pass to maneuver around the field - a 2" high bump, and a 12" tall bar.  Robots can earn bonus points by hanging from a 40" tall bar at the end of the match, and by having the highest score at the end of the autonomous period.

VEX Toss-Up Game Video on YouTube
toss up

The Regional Tournament: Each competition starts with a series of qualifying matches, which determine team placement for a final elimination tournament. In the qualifying rounds, alliances are determined randomly. For the elimination tournament, the top 8 teams are allowed to choose their alliance partners, and the 8 alliances compete in a single- elimination tournament to determine the champions of the competition. A separate set of programming and operator skills challenges run parallel to the qualifying matches. In a skills challenge, a team plays a match by themselves to get the highest score they can, showing how well their robot and operators can perform.

Regional Tournament Photo Album

Year Team Students Awards
2012-2013 Beta Maxwell Gibbard, Shiv Khanna, Jordon Moore, Huzaifa Abdul-Rehman, Daniel Morataya, Logan Vaughan Design Award, Tracy Tournament
9th Place in their Division (80 Teams), 8th Seed Elimination Alliance Captain, Made it to Division Quarterfinals, World Championships, Anaheim
Delta Imran Kahn, Michael Fan, Andres Perez, Alex Xu, Nihil Pudota  
Epsilon Jose Luis Ramirez, David Gibbard, George Khalilieh, Zain Munad, Ahssan Khan, Bryan Allaire  
Omega Brianna Sandoval, Jonathan Castaneda, Joseph Merrill, Jodi Peralta, Roselyn Duong, Christian Cuenco Design Award, Fairfield Tournament
Theta Aaron Dizon, Abhi Thube, Ganesh Vurimi, Kyle Snow, Tim Costa, Ervin Baccay  
Zeta Javier Rodriguez, Shervin Suresh, Cameron Ojeda, Jordan Langland, Trent Wikinson, Dominic London  
2011-2012 Beta Maxwell Gibbard, Mark Cabrera, Brandon Styczinski, Mary Pena, Andrew Tran, Logan Vaughan, and Daniel Morataya  
Delta Michael Fan, Brian Buz, Imran Kahn, Mario Juarez, and Jose Meza  
Epsilon Zain Munad, Jordan Langland, David Gibbard, Cameron Ojeda, George Khalilieh, and Bryan Allaire  
Omega Oliver Huang, Brianna Sandoval, Jonathan Castaneda, Andres Perez, Jodi Peralta, and Emily Wittkowske Design Award, Tracy Tournament
21st Place in their Division (100 Teams), World Championships, Anaheim
Sigma Huzaifa Abdul-Rehman, Alexander Xu, Jordon Moore, Shiv Khanna, Christian Cuenco, and Nihil Pudota  
2010-2011 Alpha Andrew Brandes, Mark Cabrera, Peter Caraway, Oliver Huang, Salman Kahn, Krishna Manikkavelu, and Brandon Styczinski Tournament Finalist, Tracy; Innovate Award, Turlock; Tournament Champion, Walnut Creek; Participant, VEX World Championships
Beta Maxwell Gibbard, Daniel Morataya, Julie Schobey, Josh Theobald, Andrew Tran, Logan Vaughan, and Jasmine Wong Robot Skills Champion, Tracy; Participant, VEX World Championships
Delta Sunny Brar, Rajan Chauhan, Michael Hermosilla, Imran Kahn, Christian Mazon, and Jose Meza Build Award, Tracy; Programming Skills Champion, Turlock
Kappa Wayse Akbar, Alexis Buz, Austin King, Stephen Schobey, Steven Soliven, Rodrigo Tellez, and Aaron Villalpando Tournament Finalist, Walnut Creek 
Nu Bryan Allaire, David Gibbard, Justin Hoang, George Khalilieh, Jordan Langland, Zain Munad, and Nathan Prieto Tournament Champion, Turlock; Robot Skills Champion, Walnut Creek; Participant, VEX World Championships
2009-2010 Alpha Andrew Brandes, Mark Cabrera, Peter Caraway, Salman Kahn, Krishna Manikkavelu, Brandon Styczinski  Tournament Champion, San Ramon; Tournament Champion, Ceres; Participant, VEX World Championships
Beta Dustin Bayer, Gibran Diaz, Maxwell Gibbard, Jose Meza, Daniel Morataya, Logan Vaughan
Tournament Champion, Ceres; Participant, VEX World Championships
Delta Noman Ahmed, Wayse Akbar, Sunny Brar, Michael Hermosilla, Oliver Huang, Imran Kahn, Christian Mazon Tournament Champion, Ceres; Participant, VEX World Championships
2008-2009 Alpha Andrew Brandes, Mark Cabrera, Peter Caraway, Salman Kahn, Krishna Manikkavelu, Garrett Morano, Brandon Styczinski  Excellence Award, Lemoore; Participant, VEX World Championships



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