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SEA HONOR ROLL 3nd Qtr 13-14

These students earned all A's on their 3rd Quarter Report Cards - Congratulations!

Renz Banez
Gautam Banuru
Sumit Basra
Bailey Brusca
Kyle Earle
Andrew Enriquez
Rory Gaynor Flynn
Madhusha Goonesekera
Jason Holmes
Brian Huynh
James Jones
Michael Ku
Jason Lockard
Jennifer Lukban
Roy Nehoran
Jessica Nguyen
Caleb Rebar
Armando Rios
Timothy Scheuerlein
Justin Tran
Ganesh Vurimi
Bill Yang
Demetrius Zulevic



The Space & Engineering Academy (SEA) is a four-year program that helps students explore and prepare for college studies and careers in the areas of space science, engineering, and technology. Here is an overview of our program. For more details, choose a link above.


SEA students take special Science and English courses, as well as traditional courses.  Our special courses emphasize engineering and technology topics and applications integrated into the core curriculum.  They also emphasize important skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.  The SEA also has a competitive Robotics Club that develops engineering and technology skills. 

Four Year Plan:

SEA students complete a four-year plan that meets or exceeds high school graduation requirements and college entrance requirements.  For example, SEA students take 4 years of math and 5 years of science, where only 2 or 3 are required. 

Within their four-year plan, students choose one of two pathways, depending on their interests. The Engineering Pathway prepares students to go on to a 4-year university. The Technology Pathway prepares students to go on to a community college or technical school. 

Honors students can take Pre-AP courses in grades 9 & 10, and AP courses in grades 11 & 12.  The four year plan also has room for electives that may interest students, such as technical courses, other AP courses, band courses, business courses, or graphic arts courses.


SEA students can work toward a variety of achievements, including earning an SEA  Block W, Student of the Year, and SEA Graduate Certification.  We had our 15th graduating class in June 2013;  in those 15 years we have had 256  Graduates and 167 Graduates with Honors. 

SEA students also achieve on State test scores - they have some of the best scores in the County. 


SEA students are part of a small learning community.  They are with students and teachers who share their interests, giving them a supportive and personalized high school experience.  We have many activities that complement our curriculum.  Our students take field trips to places such as Chabot Space Science Center and the Challenger Center.  We have game nights and a quarterly SEA  newsletter.  Our students also do career and college surveys, job shadowing, and community service.  


For More Information:

Download the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us at the e-mail or phone number below.

SEA Frequently
Asked Questions

To Apply:

Download the application below, complete it, and send it to us at the address, e-mail, or fax below.

SEA Application
contact us

Space & Engineering Academy

Merrill F West High School
1775 W Lowell Ave
Tracy, CA  95376

Academy Office

Room H-4

Randy Moehnke


Marna Bynum


(209) 830-3370 ext 3313


(209) 830-3376


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