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SEA students are part of a small learning community.  They are with students and teachers who share their interests, giving them a supportive and personalized high school experience.  We have many activities that complement our curriculum.  Our students take field trips to places such as Chabot Space Science Center and the Challenger Center.  We have game nights and a quarterly SEA newsletter.  Our students also do career and college surveys, job shadowing, and community service.  Example activities are listed below. Not all activities are offered every year.

Assembly: SEA students and staff get together each fall to review SEA requirements and opportunities for the year and to challenge each other in an SEA trivia contest.

Awards Night: SEA students, staff, and families get together over dessert in May to recognize the achievements of our students during the school year, particularly our SEA Graduates and Graduates with Honors.

Chabot Science Center and Challenger Center: SEA students simulate a mission to Mars, completing tasks at one of nine different stations including communications, life support, and navigation, view a planetarium show, and tour astronomy exhibits.

EA Games and Intel Museum: SEA students tour EA Games to get an insight into the software industry, and tour the Intel Museum to get an insight into the hardware industry.

Homecoming Parade: SEA students put together a Space & Engineering float entry for West High's homecoming parade through downtown Tracy each October.

Outreach: SEA students go to 8th grade classes to talk about engineering and the SEA, or put on exhibits at K-8 school science nights.  And SEA Girls host a "Girls Night" for 8th grade girls to encourage their interests in science, engineering, and technology, and to tell them about the SEA.

Quiz Bowl: SEA students form teams of 4 and compete against other student (and teacher) teams to see who knows the most about everything.

Socials & Game Nights: Sometimes SEA students get together just to socialize around a bowl of ice cream, or to play games they all like, such as video games and card games. 

The Tech Museum: SEA students view an IMAX film and participate in interactive technology exhibits.


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