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SEA HONOR ROLL 2nd Qtr 14-15

These students earned all A's on their 1st Quarter Report Cards - Congratulations!

Ervin Baccay
James Bautista
Molly Dini
Chaztine Embucado
Andrew Enriquez
Rory Gaynor-Flynn
Madhusha Goonesekera
Neville Harvey
Jonathan Hidalgo
Brian Huynh
Jason Lockard
Jennifer Lukban
Kaysea Mattson
Effie Nehoran
Jade Ou
Rafee Qureshi
Caleb Rebar
Dylan Thompson
Ganesh Vurimi
Bill Yang

SEA AP Scholars for 2014

Congratulations to the following SEA students, who have been honored as Advanced Placement Scholars for 2014 based on their AP Exam scores:

AP Scholars:
Brian Buz
Jonathan Castaneda
Nicholas Hsiao
Shiv Khanna
Brianna Sandoval
Geraldine Vasquez

AP Scholars with Honors:
Huzaifa Abdul-Rehman
Arianne Coleto
Joseph Lyons
Emily Wittkowske
Alexander Xu
Richard Zamora

AP Scholars with Distinction:
Chandler Chen
David Gibbard
George Khalilieh
Ahssan Khan
Zain Munad
Barak Nehoran
Effie Nehoran
Jose Ramirez-Huitron
Luke Reed

National AP Scholars:
Barak Nehoran
Luke Reed



The Space & Engineering Academy (SEA) is a four-year program that helps students explore and prepare for college studies and careers in the areas of space science, engineering, and technology. For more information, choose a link above.

Parent Newsletter 14-15 Quarter 1

Our SEA seniors have begun work on their Senior Service Projects, which are an SEA graduation requirement.  They work in teams to design and build a long-lasting project to benefit a charitable organization such as a school, church, or community group.  Some of the best projects from past years are posted on our SEA web site.  This year’s teams are currently planning their projects.  Their Project Proposals are due at the end of October, and the projects themselves must be completed by mid January.  

We started a new SEA science course this year, Principles of Engineering 4.  This course builds on the engineering skills that students learned in Engineering 3, and has a similar format: students work in teams on long term engineering design projects.  This quarter, teams are designing mechanical toys using 3D design software, and printing prototypes of their toys on our 3D printer.  The toys will be evaluated based on play value, durability, cost, safety, and environmental impact.    

West High’s Homecoming is October 17th, and as usual the SEA will have a float in the Homecoming Parade.  The parade theme is musical genres, and our float’s theme Mario Bros 8-bit music.  The float will have a giant Gameboy on it, as well as various Mario Bros paraphernalia.  Float building meetings are Mondays and Thursdays after school in H12, and all SEA students are welcome to help with the float.  

First Quarter ends October 10th.  Report Cards will be available for pick-up at Parent Conference Day on October 27th from 12-7:30 pm.  Teachers will also be available that day to conference with parents as desired.  Conferences are voluntary, and no appointments are required – just drop by between 12 and 7:30.  Teachers for each subject area will be together in one room; science teachers, for example, will all be in H6.  

Our Robotics Club is bigger than ever, with 40 students on 6 teams.  Almost all of the club members are also in the SEA.  We are collecting used printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones, mp3 players, and laptops as a recycling fundraiser.  If you have any of these items lying around your home or workplace, we will be glad to take them.  Have your student drop them off in H-6.  

We can always use more support for the SEA and the Robotics Club.  If your company has a community giving program and/or sponsors school groups, we would greatly appreciate it if you could find out if they would consider supporting the SEA or the Robotics Club, and send us information about it.

Our 2014-2015 Senior Class:

Our 2014-2015 Junior Class:

Our 2014-2015 Sophomore Class:

Our 2014-2015 Freshman Class:

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For More Information:

Download the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us at the e-mail or phone number below.

SEA Frequently
Asked Questions

To Apply:

Download the application below, complete it, and send it to us at the address, e-mail, or fax below.

SEA Application
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Space & Engineering Academy

Merrill F West High School
1775 W Lowell Ave
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Academy Office

Room H-4

Randy Moehnke


Marna Bynum


(209) 830-3370 ext 3313


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