Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Month What's Showing Teacher Responsible
Oct. 8th–Oct. 24th AP Studio Art Cornish-Bowden
Oct. 29th–Nov. 14th Art and Design 1 Rascano
Nov. 26th–Dec. 12th Art and Design 1 Nelson / Kim
Jan. 7th–Jan. 23rd Multicultural Art and Art 1 Cornish-Bowden
Jan. 28th–Feb. 20th Advanced Art and Design, Drawing and Painting Cornish-Bowden / Nelson
Feb. 25th–Mar. 20th Three Dimensional Art and Design Rascano
March–Youth Art Month District Art Show (District Office) All Art Teachers 7-12
Mar. 25th–Apr. 24th ROP McLatcher / Hepner / Hammonds
Apr. 29th–May 29th Introduction to Graphic Design / Advanced Graphic Design / Animation McCoy / Kim


The Student Art Gallery is a public Gallery at West High School, located in the G Building in-between G1 and G2. It is open during school hours and it is highly encouraged that you bring your classes through to see the students’ work. It is an excellent place to assign a journal response. To schedule a class to visit the student gallery call ext 3147 or email Joy Cornish-Bowden.