Club Glossary
Academic Decathlon
The Academic Decathlon club promotes an educational experience by preparing a team of students (three A students, three B students and three C or below students) to compete in various academic events.
Advisor: Ms. Khuon, Ms. King
Advanced Placement
The Advanced Placement club is dedicated to exciting and entertaining activities and fundraisers that will help pay for students’ AP exams.
Advisor: Mr. Haim
African/West Indies
The African West Indies club is about spreading the word and opening up people's eyes to the cultures of African and Caribbean Islanders.
Advisor: Mrs. Rivas
The Anime Club at West High School is a place for Japanese enthusiasts.
Advisor: Mr. Frantz
A Place to Excel
Dedicated to helping students succeed in life after high school and providing knowledge that will help students better themselves, the APE club participates in food drives, tutoring, clothing drives, and even gives freshman buddies to upperclassmen.
Advisor: Mrs. Pittman
The art club is a place where people socialize, design, create, share, laugh, make friends and learn about each other's different art styles.
Advisor: Mr. Reynolds
Asian/Pacific Islander
Advisor: Mr. Carlos
Advancement Via Individual Determination
Open to all WHS students, the AVID club's mission is to raise funds for college field trips, provide opportunities for community service and learn more about college opportunities.
Advisor: Mrs. Rodgers
The Badminton Club provides all students, regardless of their skill level, an opportunity to play badminton once a fortnight.
Advisor: Mrs. Cornish-Bowden
Black Student Union
Students united in the goal of promoting positive images of the African American culture.
Advisor: Mrs. Gary
The West Chess Club is a group of students who share a common interest in playing Chess, learning Chess strategies, and teaching new members how to play chess.
Advisor: Mr. Farrens,Mr. Keating
Community Leaders of America
The CLA club is a community service and student activist club. Students who are passionate about changing the world in which they live will find many opportunities to serve and educate others.
Advisor: Mr. Rio
Computer Programming
Computer programming club is a chance for students to survey computer science with their friends. 
Advisor: Mr. Callahan
California Scholarship Federation
C.S.F. is an organization that recognizes students for their high academic achievement while providing an opportunity to do community service.
Advisor: Ms. Evans, Mr. Haut
Drama Club is for students who love theatre and want to learn improvisation games and perform scenes and go to see productions.
Advisor: Mrs. Keith
English Language Development
The ELD club's purpose is to bring together students from all over that world so that we might learn from one another's language and culture thereby creating a more unified culture on the WHS campus.
Advisor: Ms. Moraes
Future Business Leaders of America
Future Business Leaders of America is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields, it is organized on local, state, and national levels.
Advisor:  Mrs. Burns
Future Farmers of America
FFA is a national youth organization promoting agriculture, leadership, career development and personal success.
Advisor: Mrs. Hepner, Ms. Taylor
Future Homemakers of America
Future Homemakers of America is a club that promotes friendship and community service. The club provides opportunities for students to gain life skills through a variety of activities offered throughout the year.
Friday Night Live
Friday Night Live is designed to engage youth in school-based action groups to promote healthy lifestyles free of alcohol, tobacco, or other substance abuse.
Advisor: Mr. Fallquist
Gay-Straight Alliance
The Gay-Straight Alliance is open to all students who want to promote community awareness of issues that affect Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning students, and foster a spirit of acceptance and tolerance both on and beyond the West High campus.
Advisor: Ms. Keehn
Hip Hop
We are exploring and enjoying the culture of hip-hop.
Advisor: Mr. Ball
Interact works in conjunction with the Tracy Sunrise Rotary to complete community service projects.
Advisor: Mrs. Troutman
A club which provides students with community service learning opportunities geared towards building personal, professional and leadership character and skills.
Advisor: Mrs. Holguin
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán
A Latino based club which concentrates on promoting cultural awareness and school spirit.
Advisor: Mrs. Verduzco
Muslim Students Association
Our mission is to help the Muslim students at West High adapt to school, work with the Muslim community in the month of Ramadan by providing an annual Iftar event, and sponsor various academic and life-long learning field trips to locations in the Bay area and Sacramento region.
Advisor: Mrs. Abusalih
The Merrill West High School Photography Club is an all-inclusive club that explores the many different forms of photography from digital to continuous tone.
Advisor: Mr. Trombley
Pink Ladies
The WHS Pink Ladies Club was founded in order to raise funds for breast cancer research as well as raise awareness of this disease that affects so many.
Advisor: Mrs. Escalante, Mrs. Koch
With our experience and knowledge we extend our love of the art, culture and history of Polynesian Dancing.
Advisor: Mrs. Fernandez
Our purpose is to benefit our members by offering advice and information about the medical field. 
Advisor: Ms. Ocampo
Pulse Christian
Pulse is a Christian club that has the goal of educating its members about the Christian faith and assisting its members in practicing that faith. 
Advisor: Mr. Neufeld
Students in the Robotics club work in teams to build and program robots to perform specific tasks; the teams then enter their robots in regional robotics competitions.
Advisor: Mr. Moehnke
Science Olympiad
Prepares for and competes in the annual regional science Olympiad inter-school tournament.
Advisor: Mr. Nehoran
Our purpose is to benefit our members by providing opportunities to practice Spanish skills and learning about the Hispanic culture.
Advisor: Ms. Henriquez
Spoken Word Artists
Spoken Word Artists promotes creativity among West High students by allowing them to express themselves through writing and performing written pieces/poems in the form of spoken word, with activities to learn and observe different styles while enhancing flow of creative thoughts and vocabulary.
Advisor: Ms. Keehn
Teen Court
San Joaquin County Teen Court Liaison
Teen Court is supported by the San Joaquin County Court System to introduce students to court proceedings and processes based on our local laws.
Advisor: Mrs. Huggins
Turf/Break Dancing
At TBC the dance styles of turfing, break dancing, and many other are taught.
Advisor: Mrs. Lopez
Extreme martial Arts
XMA club is a club where students get together and practice martial arts with extreme flips and jumps.
Advisor: Mrs. McMillan



Advisor: None
Advisor: None
Get Real
Get Real Behind the Wheel
Advisor: None
Advisor: None
Indian Cultural Association
Advisor: None
Invisible Children
Advisor: None
Advisor: None
Mock Trial
Students prepare and act out roles of attorneys and witnesses as they argue court cases against other high school teams for a chance to win the San Joaquin County championship and go to the state finals.
Advisor: Mr. O'Hara
Ping Pong
Advisor: None
Ritmo Latino
Advisor: None
Swing Dancing
Advisor: None