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Merrill F. West High School 
Wolfpack Vision...Pack P.R.I.D.E.
Positive Relationships Integrity Diversity Excellence
1775 W. Lowell Ave., Tracy, CA 95376 
209.830.3370 - Main Office 

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Announcements and Events 

Graduation Reminders
1.      Students must be at graduation practice on May 29th at 7:50 am.  Students must be at practice in order to walk on Saturday.  They will receive ten tickets at the end of practice.
2.      Everyone who comes to graduation needs a ticket, including babies.   
3.      Graduation is on Saturday, May 30th at 9am. 
4.      Students must come to the West High gym at 7 am for check in on graduation day.
5.      Please do not bring flowers or any other items to your student after the check in. 
6.      Please do not bring your students leis or anything else when they are lining up to walk in. 
7.      Gates will open at 7:30 for families and friends to enter the stadium.
8.      If you bring balloons for your graduate, you will need to tie them on the south end fence at your own risk.  We will not have anybody monitoring balloons.  It is better to leave the balloons in the car and pick them up on the way to the quad.  We do not allow balloons in the stands.  It is very distracting to other guests. 
9.      At the end of the ceremony the graduates will exit through the north gate, walk around the back and meet families in the quad.  Families will exit the south gates and meet graduates in the quad. 
10.  There will be thousands of people on site that day.  Please be courteous to all.  There is plenty of time and room in the quad for pictures and family time at the end of graduation. 
11.  This time of year we are in need of water for the graduates, both for grad practice and the day of graduation.  If you are willing to donate a case of water, please bring it to the office and check in with Audrey Harrison so that I can thank you for the donation. 
12.  Lastly, congratulations to all of our parents!  
 Recordatorios para el dia de Graduacion
1.      Los estudiantes deben estar en la práctica de graduación el 29 de mayo a las 7:50 am. Ellos deberán estar en la práctica con el fin de desfilar en la ceremonia de graduación en sábado. Al final de la práctica los estudiantes recibirán diez boletos
2.      Toda persona que venga a la graduación necesitara un boleto, incluyendo los bebes
3.      La graduación es el sábado 30 de mayo a las
4.      El día de graduación los estudiantes deben reportarse al gimnasio a las 7 am
5.      Por favor, no llevar flores o cualquier otro artículo a sus estudiantes después haberse reportado al gimnasio
6.      Por favor, no llevar a sus estudiantes cadenas florales o cualquier otro cosa cuando ya estén formándose en fila para el desfile
7.      Las puertas del estadio se abrirán a las 7:30 para familiares y amistades  
8.      Si trae globos para su graduado, usted tendrá que atarlos al final de la valla extrema sur, bajo su propio riesgo. Es mejor que deje los globos en su carro y recogerlos después. No permitiremos globos en las gradas para evitar distracciones a los presentes
9.      Al final de la ceremonia los graduados saldrán por la puerta norte en la parte  de atrás del estadio, y se reunirán con sus familias en la cancha o patio del colegio. Las familias saldrán por la puerta del sur para reunirse con sus graduados
10.  Habrá miles de personas en el lugar ese día. por favor, sea cortés con todos. Habrá mucho tiempo y espacio para tomar fotos en familia
11.  En esta época del año agradecemos sus donaciones de agua para sus estudiantes, tanto para la práctica como para el día de la graduación. Si usted tiene la voluntad de donar agua embotellada por favor tráigala a la oficina de enfrente del colegio y pregunte por la secretaria del director y ella le atenderá , luego el director se comunicara con usted para agradecerles sus donaciones
12.  Y por último felicidades a todos ustedes padres de familia
Annual Student Stakeholder Survey – 2015
The link below is to the annual student survey.  In past years this survey was completed on paper, but this year we are using an online survey program. The survey can be accessed using a computer or a smart phone.  This survey is part of Tracy Unified School District’s efforts to make our schools the best place for students to learn.  The survey will be open until the end of the school year (May 29, 2015). Your honest opinion is appreciated. 
Encuesta Anual para Estudiantes – 2015
El siguiente enlace es la encuesta anual de estudiantes. En los últimos años se completó esta encuesta en papel, pero este año estamos utilizando un programa de encuestas por medio del internet. La encuesta se puede acceder mediante una computadora o un teléfono inteligente. Esta encuesta es parte de los esfuerzos del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tracy para hacer de nuestras escuelas el mejor lugar para que los estudiantes aprendan. La encuesta será disponible hasta el fin del año escolar (el 29 de mayo de 2015). Se agradece su opinión sincera.
Estudiantes Encuesta en Español -



 Loyal~ Fierce~ Proud 



Friday, May 1st - Friday, May 29th
Estudiantes Encuesta en Español:
Saturday, May 30th


Dear West High Seniors: 
It is funny: now that I have been at West for a while, I can still remember many of you as freshman.  I have enjoyed watching you grow up from freshman year and turn into these super mature seniors.  It is hard to know what to say to you as you are leaving West High School, but I will do my best. 
First, I want to thank you for coming to West High School.  I hope you are proud to be graduating from West High.  This may sound cliché but, West High really is what you have made of it over the past four years.  Hopefully you made the best of it.   I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing the seniors again this year.  I am still working through the list but have learned a lot of new things about many of you so far.  I have discovered some of the things seniors have on their bucket list.  I have learned about some of the great experiences and people they have met during high school.  I have also learned about some of the regrets and the missed chances to do better or try harder.   It seems as if many seniors wish they would have been more involved in athletics or clubs or other school events.  Many shared their sorrow for not taking academics more seriously, especially during the first two years.  My advice is to learn from those mistakes and do better in your next endeavor-whatever it might be.  Remember that you want to be more involved and succeed early on. 
Let me give you some other advice as well.  The year is almost over and there are probably a lot of students including seniors you may not even know.  It is easy to just associate with the same group of friends and people that we normally hang out with.  But there really is so much more out there.  Developing positive relationships can really be a key to your success.  Take an opportunity to get to know someone you don’t already know.  Put down your cell phone for a time and go out and talk to some people you don’t know.  Take a chance.  Find out what that person likes to do and what their plans are for the future.  Who knows, you may meet your next best friend or even your next boyfriend or girlfriend.  You may also change that person’s life forever.  You never know when someone needs a kind word, or a hello, or just someone to notice them.  Even though high school feels gigantic in your life so far, it really is just a small piece of the pie.  There is so much more after high school, including college, military, careers, families and more. 
You could look back on high school and define yourself as the football player, soccer player, science person, mock trial team member, AVID student, skater, rapper, handball player, or a multitude of other options.  Or you could look back and say I helped that person, or remember the time when we did this or that.  Or remember how that person loved to cook.  Or remember how this person loved to read or watch movies.  How did you help or improve your school?  Who did you help in your time here?  How many people will remember you as the student who was always willing to listen?  How many meaningful relationships did you establish?  If these are hard questions and you are searching for answers I have two pieces of advice for you.  First, take the last month of school and help someone new every day.  Search out people that look like they need a hand.  Search for someone sitting alone and stop and talk to them.  Second, don’t forget this advice as you go off to college or military or career or wherever you may be going.  Developing important relationships and helping others can and should permeate your whole life. 
You will be missed at West High School.  You can be great.  Plan and work hard and you can do great things.  Come back and share your accomplishments with future students and your teachers.  You will always be a member of the Wolf Pack. 
Troy Brown