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West High School  
Home of the Wolf Pack
1775 W. Lowell Ave.
Tracy, CA 95376
209.830.3370 - Main Office
209.830.3371 - FAX

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I check my child’s current grades?

  • Go online to TUSD's Parent Portal at Aeries.Net

  • Email your child’s teacher (Contact Us).

  • Contact the counselor’s office for a progress report.


How do I register for TUSD's Parent Portal?

  • You must obtain an access code from the principal's secretary in order to create your account.

  • Log onto the Parent Portal and create your account using your access code.


If my child is absent, are they allowed to make up missed work?

  • Students shall be given the opportunity to make-up work missed because of an excused absence and shall receive full credit if the work is turned in according to a reasonable make-up schedule. Typically, each day of excused absence merits a make-up day.

  • Teachers may or may not allow a suspended student to complete any assignments and tests missed during suspension.

  • Students who miss school work because of unexcused absences may or may not be given the opportunity to make-up missed work for full or reduced credit. Teachers may assign such make-up work as necessary to ensure academic progress, not as a punitive measure.

  • Teachers need at least twenty-four hours to supply make-up work.

  • Teachers' procedures and processes for make-up work should be clearly explained to both students and parents. In high school, make-up procedures and processes should be addressed in the class syllabus.


How do I arrange for make-up work if my child will be absent for an extended (more than 1 week) illness?

  • Contact the attendance office and request homework from the teachers.

  • Also ask individual teachers.


How do I check my child’s attendance or discipline issues?

  • Go online to TUSD's Parent Portal.

  • Contact the attendance office.

  • Contact your child’s assistant principal (Contact Us).



When are report cards or progress reports sent out?

  • Report Cards are issued four times a year. They are issued approximately two weeks after the conclusion of each quarter/semester. Progress reports are usually mailed after the 5th week of each grading period.



How do I read my child’s referral or tardy form?

  • Contact your child’s assistant principal (Contact Us).



What does the STAR test mean for my child and the school, and what are the testing dates (including STAR, CAHSEE, SAT, PSAT, and ACT)

  • You can find testing information at the California Department of Education for STAR and CAHSEE data.

  • Testing information is online for the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. You may also contact you child's counselor.

  • A schedule of all activities, testing dates pending, is posted on the WHS calendar.



How do I obtain a student transcript and what is the cost?

  • Contact the registrar’s office or fax your request to 830-3374. There is no cost for this service.


When should my child apply to colleges, and who should I contact for scholarship information?

  • The best resource is your child’s counselor (Contact Us). 


Which courses count for college credit?

  • Check with your student’s counselor or refer to the course catalog under Departments / Counseling. 


What does A-G mean when choosing classes?

  • The intent of the "a-g" Subject Requirement is to ensure that students can participate fully in the first-year program at a UC university in a wide variety of fields of study. The requirements are written deliberately for the benefit of all students expecting to enter the University, and not for preparation for specific majors. UC faculty consider the Subject Requirement to be effective preparation, on many levels, for undergraduate work at the University. This pattern of study assures the faculty that the student has attained a body of general knowledge that will provide breadth and perspective to new, more advanced study. Fulfillment of the "a-g" pattern also demonstrates that the student has attained essential critical thinking and study skills.


My student received a “Block W” or “I lettered,” what does it mean?

  • Blocks/Letters are issued for meeting minimum performance criteria in the following areas:

    • Academic

    • Athletics

    • Community Service

    • Band

    • Drama


What are the minimum requirements for a student to participate in athletics?

  • All incoming 9th graders are academically eligible to participate in extra/co-curricular activities. At the end of the first grading period, 9th graders must be eligible. They must have earned a “C” average (2.0 on a 4 point scale) and had no course failures.

  • Students who intend to participate in extra/co-curricular-curricular activities or athletics must meet Scholastic Eligibility guidelines:

    • A minimum of a "C" average (2.0 on a 4 point scale - for all classes).

    • No course failures in any certification period.

  • ​The Governing Board also requires that participating students be satisfactorily progressing towards the Districts' graduation requirements in order to participate in a sport or activity. Satisfactory progress is hereby defined as the ability to graduate with one's class within conventional timelines, i.e. eight (8) consecutive semesters from freshman entrance, including summer sessions.
  • CIF rules require that semester grades be used to determine eligibility at the end of the second and fourth quarters. Grading periods at West High School will be: first quarter, first semester, third quarter, second semester (plus summer school grades added).