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    Critical Thinker, Problem Solver, and User of Information, Technology, and Research Who Will:

1.1 Define and analyze problems.
1.2 Gather, organize and analyze data to solve problems.
1.3 Summarize information and support conclusions with relevant data.
1.4 Evaluate the validity of conclusions in light of the data presented.
1.5 Utilize appropriate technology as a tool to complete tasks.

    Effective Communicator Who Will:

2.1 Write and speak using grammatically correct language that is appropriate to the audience.
2.2 Read, listen, comprehend, and translate (or decode) reflectively and critically.
2.3 Be respectful of differing points of view.
2.4 Be able to ask relevant, higher-level questions.
2.5 Research sources and cite them correctly.

    Responsible Citizen and Team Member Who Will:

3.1 Show respect for personal property and the property of others.
3.2 Respect individual rights and the diversity of others, including listening respectfully while others speak.
3.3 Demonstrate consistent attendance and preparedness.
3.4 Accept responsibility for his/her actions.
3.5 Be involved in a group, event, or organization that contributes positively to his/her community.