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Chapter 9 John Smith
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Contacting Teachers

You will find that e-mail is the most effective way for you to contact your student's teacher. Please refer to the Contact Us / Faculty page for your student's teacher.

Pre-Calculus Honors

As the fourth year in a five-year math sequence offered at West High School, Pre-Calculus Honors is a course that will require students to use the skills and information learned early in their math career. As a result it is by no means an 'easy' course, but one in which success will depend on the desire and performance of each individual student, as the tools from the previous courses are built upon and expanded.

It is the recommendation of the Mathematics Department of West High that students wishing to take Pre-Calculus Honors first prepare themselves by enrolling and being successful (with a grade of 'B' or better) in either Algebra 2 Honors or IMP 3 Honors. Along with being in a class with students who are motivated to do well and wish to exceed expectations, these courses provide specific content (trigonometry) which will be assumed knowledge in Pre-Calculus Honors, but which is not offered in the regular Algebra 2 or IMP 3 course. A student who does not have this background should plan on making up for this deficiency by taking a trigonometry course during summer school. This course will be offered during the first three weeks of summer school for two hours a day. Students successfully completing the class will receive two units of elective credit.