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REGULAR DAYS Early Release Monday (Starts in August 16)

Kindergarten 8:25 a.m. – 2:40 p.m. All Grades 8:25 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Grades 1 – 3 8:25 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.

Grades 4 – 5 8:25 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Kindergarten 11:15 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. All Grades 8:25 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.

1st Grade 11:30 a.m. – 12:14 p.m.

2nd Grade 11:40 a.m. – 12:24 p.m.

3rd Grade 11:50 a.m. – 12:34 p.m. Breakfast Program: 7:50 a.m. – 8:10 a.m.

4th Grade 12:00 p.m. – 12:44 p.m. $1.00 full price, .25 cents reduced

5th Grade 12:10 p.m. – 12:54 p.m. Lunch: $2.00 full price, .40 cents reduced Milk is .50 cents

FOOD SERVICE: 830-3256


1550 Cypress Drive

Phone: (209) 830-3331

Fax (209) 830-3332

Principal – Lisa Beeso


School Mission…

The mission of Villalovoz School is to instill in our students the desire to become productive, model citizens by promoting life-long learning and encouraging academic achievement, self-motivation, moral character, and social development.

School Spirit

School Colors: Navy, White and Gold

School Mascot: Panda




Lisa Beeso-Principal

Lisa Rodriguez-School Secretary

Carol Tencati-Attendance Clerk

Amy Kaida-School Psychologist

Many ways of communication for school news:

Classroom newsletters

Monthly newsletter – Panda Patter

Villalovoz Web Site

School Marquee

Formal Parent Conferences

Kindergarten Orientation/Information meetings

Back to School Night/Open House

Agenda Notebooks for 4th and 5th Grade

Staff Email


We all want students to have good values – and strong character. But good character doesn’t just happen. At Villalovoz, we believe that it is up to each of us to lay a solid foundation for character development by teaching children right from wrong and by acting as positive role models.

The purpose of CHARACTER COUNTS is to fortify the lives of America’s young people with consensus-ethical values called the "Six Pillars of Character." These values, which transcend divisions of race, creed, politics, gender and wealth, are: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and caring and citizenship.

Helpful Definitions


Be honest * Don’t deceive, cheat or steal * Be reliable – do what you say you’ll do * Have the courage to do the right thing * Build a good reputation * Be loyal – stand by your family, friends and country


Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule * Be tolerant of differences * Use good manners, not bad language * Be considerate of the feelings of others * Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone * Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements


Do what you are supposed to do * Persevere: keep on trying! * Always do your best * Use self-control * Be self – disciplined * Think before you act – consider the consequences * Be accountable for your choices


Play by the rules * Take turns and share * Be open-minded; listen to others * Don’t take advantage of others * Don’t blame others carelessly


Be kind * Be compassionate and show you care * Express gratitude * Forgive others * Help people in need


Do your share to make your school and community better * Cooperate * Stay informed; vote * Be a good neighbor * Obey the laws and rules * Respect authority * Protect the environment


Applications for free and reduced lunches are available in the office the first day of school. Each new school year families will need to fill out a new free and reduced form. Students are allowed to charge only once before being given an alternate meal. Charge notices are sent out by the Food Services office and are sent home

with students. Lunches for the 2009-2010 school year will be $ 2.00 for full price, and .40 cents for reduced price. Milk costs .50 cents. Breakfast is $1.00 and .25 cents for reduced price. Please contact FOOD SERVICES @ 830-3256 for information regarding the Free/Reduced Breakfast/Lunch program or student meal accounts. We have a drop box for lunch money in the office. Envelopes should be sealed and have your child’s first and last name, along with their teacher’s name written on the envelope.


Morning supervision of the blacktop starts at 8:00 a.m. Students should not arrive at school before

8:00 a.m., unless they are participating in the Breakfast Program. Primary grade students are not allowed on the playground between 2:40 and 3:00 p.m. All students must walk home or be picked up immediately after school. The exception are those students that are provided bus transportation. There is NO supervision for any other students on campus after final dismissal.


Villalovoz School is concerned with student safety during drop off and pick up times and for this reason we have established our very successful Valet Traffic Program. The valet drop off location is in front of the school. The driver pulls into the valet drop off area and the valet’s flag the drivers toward them. When the first driver reaches the farthest valet, the valet will signal the driver to stop. The trailing drivers will be signaled to stop directly behind each other. This program is designed so you will not need to park or exit your vehicle to drop off or pick up your children.


Please remember that skateboards, roller blades & scooters are not allowed on school grounds at any time. This includes tennis shoes with pop-out wheels.


The State of California and the Tracy Unified School District expect children to be in school unless they are ill. If you know your child is going to be absent, please call the school office and give us this information. The telephone number is 830-3331 press 2, you may also email at , to report an absence.


Any student who reports to his/her classroom after 8:25 a.m. are considered tardy for class! STUDENTS WHO ARE LATE TO SCHOOL MUST REPORT TO THE OFFICE BEFORE GOING TO CLASS. We ask that students (and parents) make every effort to be on time to school in order to avoid disrupting attendance procedures and instructional activities. PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!!


Students may not leave our campus during the school day unless they are checked out by a parent/guardian in the office. When parents need to check students out of school, they should come to the office to sign them out. This procedure enables us to know when children are not in school at any given time as well as to ensure their safety. If someone other than parent/guardian is picking up a student before school dismissal, please either send a note with student or call the school office prior to their arrival.


Volunteers are an important part of Villalovoz Elementary’s academic program. Without the support of volunteers, many programs at our school would not succeed. All volunteers must complete at Tracy Unified School District clearance form, TB testing, and fingerprinting prior to working on campus. Volunteers and visitors are also required to check in at the office and sign in. Volunteer forms are located in the office. You do not have to re-apply each year if you have been cleared. Please join in and help out.


All field trips are arranged by bus or walking within town. Private vehicles are not allowed for field trip transportation at any time. All children on field trips must be enrolled in the participating class at Villalovoz. Students cannot be dropped off at or picked up from a field trip. Due to increased liability, the district cannot allow siblings to attend field trips. Each child must have a signed emergency form to attend a field trip – verbal okay, is not permitted.


All medication, prescription and over-the counter, must follow California State Health and Safety Codes and district policy. School personnel will give your child medication at school if the following guidelines are met:

1. Parent and physician complete the form – Permission Form for Administering Medication in School. (You may obtain this form in the school office).

2. Bring medication to the school office in a pharmacy labeled bottle that includes student name, medication name, dosage and time to be given.

3. The Permission Form for Administering Medication in School must be updated yearly.

Over-the-counter cough drops, pain reliever, ointment, etc..are not allowed unless the above form is filled out.


All food brought into school for classroom parties, carnivals, etc., must be prepared by a licensed food preparation facility (i.e. bakery, grocery store, commercial food distributor). Food prepared at home will not be allowed. If you want to bring baked goods to school you will need to purchase them at a bakery or grocery store.


If you are bringing a treat in for your child’s birthday, please remember only store bought cookies or cupcakes are allowed. (Balloons, juice, flowers, pizza, etc. will not be allowed in the classroom). Your child’s teacher must be notified in advance if you are bringing cupcakes or cookies. The students will enjoy the treat the last 15 minutes of the school day. This rule will be strictly enforced here at Villalovoz.


Travel Study contracts are available for those students who must be absent from school for 5 days or more for reasons other than illness or doctor appointments. Please notify the office and the classroom teacher at least two weeks before the dates of the absences. Grades K – 3 will be granted three weeks and 4th & 5th grades are granted six weeks. This program requires a contract to be signed by a parent and student two weeks before beginning the Independent Study. Students on Independent Study are not eligible for perfect attendance. Students are required to turn in travel study work the first day of their scheduled return.


Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled at the end of the first trimester. The School District schedules minimum days during conference week so that teachers may have sufficient time to confer with parents. You will receive notices from your child’s teacher as to the day and time in advance. These conferences can be most helpful in monitoring your child’s progress. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher any time they have questions or concerns. Report Cards for the first trimester are given to parents at the conferences. Subsequent report cards will be sent home with your child following the end of trimesters.


Students are to be responsible for the loan of all textbooks and library materials. Students will pay for the damage (pencil, ink, tears, water damage, etc) or loss of books. See Board Policy 7071 and Education Code, Chapter 1149, Section 48909, Subsection b. Please remember that report cards will be held until books are returned or replacement charges paid.


The Villalovoz Newsletter is one of the most important tools of communication between school and home. Our newsletter, Panda Patter, is published monthly. If you do not get one, please come by the office and pick one up.


Honor Roll

Principal’s Honor Roll students are those fourth and fifth graders with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 to 4.0 for the trimester. School Honor Roll recognizes students with GPAs of 3.0 to 3.49 (A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0). During the calculation of GPA "+" or "-" have no value. The subjects used to compute GPA are as follows: Mathematics, Language Arts, History/Social Science, Science, P.E./Health; Music/Visual and Performing Arts. In addition to the GPA computed for these subjects, a student must have no D’s, F’s or N’s in any other area of his/her report card for the trimester in question. Students are recognized for this achievement at Honor Roll assemblies.

Panda Points

Students are awarded Panda Points by any adult for behavior that exemplifies one of the

Character Counts! pillars. Students who receive these positive citations may redeem them at a student store run by the VPFC (Villalovoz Parent/Faculty Club).


Dress and Personal Appearance

All students are expected to come to school neatly groomed and dressed appropriately for school. Dress, hair style, or make up which are a distracting nature or interfere with the study habits of students in the class or school, shall not be acceptable. Clothing with alcoholic or tobacco logos or with references to controlled substances are prohibited. Clothes with symbols identified with youth gangs or which "sag" also will not be allowed. We will have the student phone home for a change of clothes.

(On fold of 2nd page)

Student’s attire must adhere to the following:

1. Tops must come below the tops of pants with no midriff showing.

2. Tank tops must have a 2" wide strap.

3. No mesh or see-through tops, tube tops, tie tops, halters, or strapless tops are allowed.

4. Shorts should not be excessively tight or short. Running shorts and swim trunks are not appropriate for school and should not be worn.

5. Shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals must protect the toes and have heel straps. Flip flops/thongs and other strapless shoes as well as high heels are considered unsafe and are not to be worn.

6. Hats are allowed but should be removed when indoors. The bill of the hat must face forward.

7. Wearing lipstick and make-up is not appropriate.

General Rules for all Students

1. Students in grades K-5 are not to be at school before 8:00 a.m., unless they participate in the Breakfast Program.

2. Primary grade students are not allowed on playground between 2:40 & 3:00 p.m.

3. Children are not permitted to push, kick, trip, or hit other children. NO EXCUSES!

4. Always show respect for adults, other students, and property.

5. Do not use foul language or obscene gestures.

6. Do not bring skateboards, rollerblades, radios, toys, makeup, or playground equipment from home.

(Knives or firecrackers are an automatic suspension from school.)

Guidelines for Before School

8:00 – 8:20 A.M.

Students are to walk to the designated class number on the blacktop and stay in their class line.

No playground activity is allowed (no tag, balls, or running).

Backpacks should be placed on the ground in the class line.

Rainy days: Line up by your teacher’s name in the cafeteria. Stay in line.

Playground Rules

1. No kickback on blacktop.


2. Swings – All students’ feet to in the same direction while on the swings facing the paw prints.

3. Slide – Students should slide feet first on their bottoms only.

4. Quiet/snack zone under the outside shade structure. (All snacks must be eaten in this area.)

5. No standing/running on benches/planters.

6. When the bell rings students must freeze. Yard duty will blow the whistle and students are to walk to their class lines.

7. Designate starting and stop points on the monkey bars.

8. Students must have two hands on the bars. No free drops on bars.

9. No drinks after the bell has rung.

10. No playing in bathrooms.

11. There is to be no playing between/behind portables.

12. Organized games are to be played in designated areas only. (Tetherball, kickball, four square, etc…)


Homework is required of all students. Homework is assigned on a nightly basis to reinforce classroom lessons and to foster and promote habits of independent study. Homework also affords parents the opportunity to see what their child is studying at school and to provide help when necessary. Homework is not to exceed the following times:

Grades 1- 3 / 30 minutes/day Grades 4 – 5 / 60 minutes /day

Cell Phones

Students are allowed to have cell phones while on campus; however, they must be turned off and out of sight. Students are not to check voicemail, text message, or turn on phones during the school day.


Each classroom teacher will send home information regarding their own classroom rules and consequences. Students who choose not to follow school rules outside the classroom will receive a citation, and parents will be notified. Consequences for misbehavior will be determined by the severity of the offense and the previous conduct of the student. Examples of usual consequences include lunch detention; sit on the bench at recess, alternate placement to complete school assignments, and suspension.


The Education Code allows teachers to keep students after school for up to one hour. School policy requires prior parent notification before students are kept after school. Teachers may either phone the student’s parents that day or send a note home notifying parents that the student will serve detention the next school day. Students may be detained during recess and/or lunch provided they are under adult supervision and have an opportunity to use the restroom and get a drink of water.

District Discipline Code

A copy of the district Discipline Code is distributed to students each fall and is available in the school office.

Suspendible Offenses

The principal may suspend a student from school up to five consecutive school days. Students may not be suspended more than a total of 20 school days per year. Suspension of a student is to occur only after the student has been given an opportunity to explain his/her side of the story. The law allows suspension of students while at school, going to and from school, or on school-sponsored activities for the following reasons:

a-1) Caused or attempted to cause physical injury to another person.

a-2) Willfully used force or violence upon the person of another, except in self-defense.

b) Possession of any dangerous object on campus (firearms, knives, explosives)

c) Possession, use, or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

d) Offered or sold any controlled substance.

e) Caused or attempted to cause a robbery or act of extortion.

f) Stole or attempted to steal school or private property.

g) Caused or attempted to cause damage to school or private property.

h) Unlawfully possessed tobacco.

i) Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.

j) Unlawful possession or sale of drug paraphernalia.

k) Disrupted school activities or defied the authority of school officials

l) Sexual harassment.

m) Possessed an imitation firearm.

n) Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault.

o) Harassed, threatened, or intimidated a pupil who is a complaining witness or a witness in a school disciplinary proceeding.

p) Unlawfully offered, arranged to sell, negotiated to sell, or sold the prescription drug Soma.

q) Engaged in, or attempted to engage in, hazing.

r) Engaged in an act of bullying, including bullying committed by means of an electronic act.


Report cards are given to parents at parent conferences at the end of the first trimester and sent home with the students according to the staff calendar at the end of the second trimester, and to home with students on the last day of school. Report cards will be held for any child with outstanding cafeteria or text-library book charges.