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A little late is too late!  Every instructional minute counts and student tardiness interferes with the learning process.  Please be respectful of your teacher and fellow classmates and be on time to class.  Specific tardy policies and procedures are as follows:


  1. A tardy is defined as arrival to class within the first ten (10) minutes after the tardy bell rings.  Students must be in their seats when the tardy bell rings.  Arrival to class 10 to 29 minutes after the tardy bell will constitute a late.  Arrival to class 30 minutes or later will constitute an unexcused absence.
  2. Students receiving an admit after the 8:00 bell has rung will be marked accordingly.




1, 4

Teacher Discretion . . . teacher records the tardy in the roll book and AERIES; notify the student; include the tardy #


Teacher discretion can include verbal warning; teacher detention; Natural Consequences/Grade Impact; seat change; extra assignment/packets; conference; and others (as approved by site administration).  Teachers are expected to specify and 4 options when writing their syllabus.  A good faith attempt to contact parent (date and time) is required prior to 5th tardy to the office


Referral to Assistant Principal’s office.  Student assigned to lunch detention.  Parents notified by the teacher.  Student returns back to class after lunch detention is assigned.


Referral to Assistant Principal’s office.  Student assigned to In-House Suspension and placed on a DART.  Parents notified by the Assistant Principal.  Student sent back to class after In-House Suspension has been assigned.


Referral to Assistant Principal.  Assignment to in-house suspension.  Parents contacted by Assistant Principal.


Off-campus suspension.  Parents contacted by Assistant Principal.


For lunch detention, the student must arrive at least 20 minutes before the end of the lunch period with their ID cards. NO ID = No admittance. Students must sit in assigned seat, must remain quiet during the 20 minutes or they will be removed from detention and will not receive any credit. Failure to serve detention will result in detention being doubled. Students with excessive lunch detention (more than four) may receive in-house suspensions. If Saturday School is not served, students may receive a one-day suspension home for defiance of authority (Education Code 48900).


The tardy count starts at zero at the beginning of each quarter.