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Tracy High School's Counseling Department

We are here to help students focus on academic, career and personal/social development so they acheive success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.

   ​​  Do you want to earn college credits while still in high school? 

Check out the Dual Enrollment program being offered through San Joaquin Delta College starting Fall 2016.DeltaDual Enrollment PPT Tracy HS.pdfDeltaDual Enrollment PPT Tracy HS.pdf​ ​​​



If you would like to review the presentation for your grade level, please click on your grade level below.
If you lost your Course Selection form, you can print out another copy by clicking on the appropriate link below.
                        Choosing classes for 12th Grade 2016-17​
                                        12th grade class request form2016-17.pdf12th grade course selection form 2016-17.pdf​
                        Choosing classes for 11th Grade 2016-17
                                                                                         11th grade class request form.2016.pdf11th grade course selection form 2016-17.pdf

                       Choosing classes for 10th Grade 2016-17
                                        10th grade class request form.2016.pdf10th grade course selection form2016-17.pdf

                                     Click Here for 8th Grade High School registration information.pdf8th Grade High School registration information.pdf
                                             9th grade core and elective courses 2.pdf
thKDD273HM.jpgSENIORS -  Don't forget FAFSA deadline is March 2, 2016.  Access the FAFSA link here to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
Many of you have started or are planning to start on you college applications.  Please see the links below for quick access to the college application websites:   
                                                                 Click here for CSU Mentor
                                           Click here for UC Application
                                           Click here for Common Application for Private/Independent Colleges and Universties
If you still need to register for the SAT and/or ACT:
For SAT and ACT test prep please check the College Board and ACT websites or Kahn Academy
thYT8UANH3.jpgJUNIORS - Welcome Back Class of 2017!  You have now made it to the final 4 semesters of your high school career.  This will be a very busy year for you.  You need to start thinking about your path for after high school.  Stay focused but open-minded to opportunites that come your way.  We will have Junior Presentations regarding college/career preparedness coming soon in your English class.  For those Juniors who are planning to take the PSAT, the PSAT is only offered on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.  If you have not already registered, you can still sign up.  The cost of the PSAT is $25.00 and the payment is made through the school bookkeeper.Junior Presentation-2015.pdfJunior Presentation-2015.pdf

Classof18.jpg SOPHOMORES - Welcome!  No longer the "new kid on the block", this year will be filled with exciting opportunities and important decisions. Activities during your second year of high school are focused on helping you learn to explore careers and research future options.  The first step in planning your future and exploring careers is to find out more about yourself!  Gathering information about your interests, abilities, work values and personal preferences will help guide you to determine the best path for yourself.  Please click here to start your Sophomore Action Plan​ today!!

Here are some helpful tips for you this year: 

  • Continue to take and plan challenging high school courses and remember your GPA is extremely important
  • Colleges (2yr & 4yr/Technical Schools) care about which courses you are taking in high school
  • The courses you take in high school show colleges what kind of goals you set for yourself. Are you signing up for Advanced, AP,  IB or Honors courses?  Are you choosing electives that really stretch your mind and help you develop new abilities?  Or are you doing just enough to get by?
  • Start collecting college information; visit colleges and talk with college students
  • Consider your reasons for going to college and how they relate to your career interests


 ** Click Here to explore which college major is right for YOU!



2019.pngFRESHMEN - Welcome class of 2019!  In high school, you're laying the foundation for your high school career.  This is a time to establish your academic and extracurricular credentials.  You should also begin to explore options for your career or further education.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • Make the Grade - Get off to a good start with your grades because they will impact your GPA and class rank.  Although graduation seems like a long way off right now, grades really do count towards college admission and scholarships.
  • Check Your Credits and Course Choices - Make sure you are not only on track to graduate but also make sure you are taking the right class for college preparation- foriegn language, extra math and sciences courses
  • Get Involved - Extra curricular activities(both school and non-school sponsored) are an important part of high school. Make the effort to get involved with groups, clubs, or teams that interest you.  You might want to start volunteering outside of school.  These activities are fun and make you a well-rounded student.  Focus on what you really care about!
  • Explore Your Interests and Possible Careers - Discuss your skills and interests with your school counselor, teachers and parents/guardians.  Take advantage of career opportunities at your school.
  • Set A Goal - Begin with the end in mind.  Figure ou twhat you want to do with you life, set your own goals, and leave high school with the tools and knowledge you need to meet those goals.
  • Creat A File of the Following Documents and Notes - Report cards, lists of awards and honors, school and community activities, and volunteer work.
  • Testing - Prepare yourself for college entrance exams - ACT, PSAT(10th grade if available, 11th grade for sure) and SAT.


Click here for NCAA Athletic Eligibility



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(Students are assigned to a counselor by last name)


A-D    JessicaEscobedo  ( 


E - Kh

& AVID         Gloria Miller (


Ki - P            Susan Rosales (


Q - Z              Sharie Carey (