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Our School Profile

 South West Park has three distinct programs:

  • Conventional - This is a traditional program. It is made up of children who live in the local attendance areas (Kindergarten through Fifth grade).
  • Bilingual - This is a program that includes instruction in both English and Spanish. It is made up of children who have English as a second language and who primarily speak Spanish in the home. (Pre-school through Fifth grade.) Please visit our Bilingual Web Page.
  • GATE - This is a "Gifted and Talented Education" program. It is made up of children who have qualified for the program and have been GATE identified. (Second through Fifth grade.) You may visit the GATE Website for more information about our program, though the dates are not current at this time. For specific dates for the 2017/2018 School Year, please contact  the GATE Director, Ramona Soto-Barajas, at .


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