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School Policies

These Policies are listed in alphabetical order.

Bicycles, Skates, Skateboards, etc. Skates, rollerblades, scooters, and similar devices have been determined to be high risk hazards by our school insurance carrier and must not be used on school grounds at any time. Bicycles are to be walked on our campus's sidewalks and locked in our bike rack. Students should wear helmets when riding.

Bringing Toys to School Toys (including marbles, games, collector cards, electronic devices and other similar items) are prohibited at school. These items distract your child and are sometimes lost. Please do not allow your child to bring these items to school. Toys or other items may be taken from your child if they are brought to school. You may be asked to pick them up.

Cell Phones Students are permitted to have cell phones at school; however the phones are to be turned off and kept put away during the school day. Phones that are on or visible during the school day may be held in the office until parents pick them up.

Classroom Parties Due to state and federal health regulations, all food served in classrooms must be supplied by or purchased from a commercial bakery or similar public health department approved source. No home cooked food may be served in a South/West Park classroom. If you have questions regarding any food regulations,  please contact the Food Services Dept. at 830-3256.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Children Drop off and Pick Up times are very busy times. The parking lots, alley, and streets around the school are very congested. Always drive slowly and remember that our first concern is student safety. The driveways at both campus entrances are one way driveways. Please do not allow your child to walk to or from your car anywhere but at the loading zones. Cars may not be left unattended in the loading zones. Parents parking in the Bus Zones may be cited by the Tracy Police Department.

Emergency Procedures (Fire & Earthquake) Fire drills are held monthly throughout the year and a record is kept of the time it takes to evacuate the buildings. Earthquake "Duck and Cover" drills are held quarterly. We also hold periodic "Lock Down" drills to practice securing students inside the building. In case of disaster, please contact the police department or the school district office at 830-3200. Do not call the South/West Park School offices as they will be needed to coordinate our emergency services. Our school has emergency plans posted in each classroom.

Field Trips Some funds are usually provided for classes to take field trips. Private vehicles are not allowed for field trip transportation. All children on field trips must be enrolled in the participating class, siblings are NOT allowed. Written permission is required for students to participate, including insurance information. The school district assumes no liability in relation to the transportation or treatment of students injured on field trips.

Home/School Folder Every Wednesday your child will bring home a distinctive South/West Park Home/School Folder containing important information regarding school and classroom events. Your child will be expected to return the folder to school the following day (Thursday). Your child will receive one folder at the beginning of each school year (or upon enrollment). If a folder is lost or becomes unserviceable, you will be expected to replace that folder. Replacement folders are available in the office for $1.00.

Homework Policy Homework is a teacher-planned learning activity which takes place largely outside of the pupil's regular school hours. Homework may include reading, skill reinforcement, and activities that encourage family participation. Homework may include long term special projects. assignments should average one half hour at the primary level and one hour at the 4-5 level per night.

Messages for Students To minimize classroom interruptions, please discuss after school care and other plans with your children before they leave for school in the morning. Messages are difficult and time-consuming for the office staff, as well as very disruptive to the classrooms. We realize there are unavoidable circumstances that may necessitate a student receiving a message during the school day. However, we do appreciate your cooperation in keeping these instances to an absolute minimum.

Retention: The district has established promotion standards for grades 2-5. The district has also established a retention policy. Students may be recommended for retention by the teacher if they do not meet district promotion standards. Students are identified early if they are not making progress towards meeting promotion standards, and will receive intervention assistance. If parents are not in agreement with a recommendation for retention they may appeal to a District Retention Appeal Team.

Telephones The office phone number is (209) 830-3335. One additional line is available for outgoing calls and is available to students for emergency calls only. Students will not be permitted to use the school phone to arrange after-school plans, visits with friends, etc.

Textbook/Library Book Care According to Education Code 48904(be), the parent or guardian of a minor shall be liable to a school district for all property belonging to a school district loaned to the minor and not returned upon demand of an employee of the district authorized to make the demand. this includes textbooks and library materials. Students must compensate the District for damaged and/or lost library textbooks as follows:

Description of Book Damage or Loss                Fee

  • Any Book Damaged Beyond Use                Replacement cost
  • Bar Code Missing or marked                      $5.00
  • Missing/Torn Pages                                    Starts $2.00 per page
  • Missing/Torn Pages (five pages +)               Replacement Cost
  • Water Damage                                             Begins at $10.00
  • Cover Damage                                             Begins at $5.00
  • Marks/Scribbles                                         $3.00 per page
  • Minimal Spine and/or Cover Damage        $5.00
  • Severe Spine/Cover Damage                      Replacement cost
  • Stolen/Lost                                                 Replacement cost


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