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Health Services

News Flash: On February 5, 2011, the San Joaquin Dental Society along with the University of the Pacific will team up to provide FREE dental services for children up to age 17.  This event will be held at Pacific’s Stockton clinic on Brookside Road between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and is in conjunction with the American Dental Association’s “Give Kids A Smile”.  Each year in February, thousands of the nation's dentists and their dental team members provide free oral health care services to children from low-income families across the country.  This program enhances the oral health of needy children and helps to highlight to our policy makers the challenges that low-income families face in finding dental care. This year’s GKAS Stockton program will have hundreds of volunteers including fifty dentists! Flyer....  Flyer en espanol

Administration of Medicines at School School personnel are legally forbidden to give a child any medication (including over the counter medications such as aspirin or cough medicine) without written authorization from both the child's parent and a physician or medial practitioner. Forms are available in the school office and most Tracy physician's offices or you can click on the link below. All authorized medication must be secured in the office.

Medication at School Form 

District Nurse & Hearing/Vision Screenings A district nurse is available to our school to supervise in the case of student medical emergencies. The nurse also supervises the hearing screenings for all students in K, 1st, 2nd, 5th grades as well as vision screenings for K, 1st, and 3rd grades. If you do not want your child screened, California law states that a parent or guardian needs to fill out a request in writing to the principal of the school stating that he/she will not consent to physical examination of his/her child (C.E.C. 49451)

Emergency Information It is essential that we have up to date emergency information about your child. This information is collected at the beginning of the school year. Please keep us informed of changes in your child's emergency information. We need:

  1. Home and work numbers for both parents/guardians
  2. Child care provider or local person's name and phone number who can be reached in case of emergency.
  3. Any temporary or chronic medical conditions with which we might be called upon to deal.

Illness During the School Day Students who become ill during the school day may be allowed to rest in the office. We will call you at home, work, or the emergency phone number you have provided...if your child needs immediate medical attention or has a temperature above 99.4 degrees. If we are unable to contact you, we will act to protect your child. In most emergency cases, we will call 911 and obtain appropriate medical aid. The cost of this medical treatment will be your responsibility.

Student Accident Insurance Students are not insured by the school district against accidents. Parents who wish to ensure their students may do so by paying a small fee and completing an insurance application form from a private agency. Application forms are available in the school office. The purchase of this insurance is optional.

Oprime aqui


It's Flu Season

Offer for free vaccine from Dr. Patel

Please keep a close eye on your children. Take healthy precautions and be sure to have students stay home if they have a fever. Influenza can be quite severe and so the district has given us some good information about the Influenza Immunizations available. Wondering which you should seek? Read more below to find out.

For more information about general vaccines, please visit this web site: . Flyers in other languages are also available at this site.

  • Information about the  H1N1 vaccine~ flyer .
  • Informacion de HINI vacuna en espanol~flyer.