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Discipline and General Campus Behavior Guidelines

Children who are aware of the rules are less likely to break them. Our rules are designed to protect our students and to provide them with a safe, productive learning environment. Your support of the schools rules is essential.

Chewing gum is not allowed at South/West Park at any time during the school day.


  1. Use designated play/restroom areas
  2. Play and use equipment properly and safely
  3. Get drinks/use the restroom before the end of recess
  4. Keep playground/restrooms clean
  5. Do not play in or around restrooms


  1. Have a pass when outside the classroom during class
  2. Be respectful of others learning in the classrooms
  3. Move safely


  1. Talk quietly and remain seated
  2. Leave table and floor clean

Consequences for Misbehavior

Students who misbehave may be disciplined by supervisors, may receive Bad News Citations or Referrals to the Principal.

Bad News Citations

Bad News Citations may be given by any supervisor to any student who violates school rules while outside the classroom. Violation of any of the following rules may result in a Bad News:

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given
  2. Use only appropriate language
  3. Take care of our school and its equipment
  4. Walk when on walkways
  5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to oneself

Bad News Citations stay in force for thirty (30) days. They are filed with the childs teacher and are incorporated into the classroom discipline plan. Students may be referred to the Principal if they receive more than 3 Bad News in 30 days.

Referrals to the Principal/Assistant Principal

Students may be referred to the Principal for disciplinary action for any of the following reasons:

  1. Violation of any Education Code relating to student behavior as outlined in the District Discipline Handbook.
  2. Accumulation of 3 Bad News in 30 calendar days
  3. Persistent misbehavior in the classroom
  4. Disciplinary action taken by the principal may include suspension from school.

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