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 South/West Park is a Magnet School for GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) and for Bilingual Education (Spanish). In addition, we serve the conventional neighborhood students. The staff meets the specialized needs of these students in self-contained classrooms while also providing instructional opportunities to be mixed with students from each of our programs during ‘rotation’ activities.

The Bilingual Program is a late-exit program for Spanish speaking students. Spanish speakers are provided literacy instruction and access to core curriculum though the primary language (Spanish) and receive daily English Language Development.

The GATE program serves students who are intellectually or academically gifted by offering a differentiated curriculum. Students receive the core curriculum, which is differentiated by providing greater depth, complexity, or acceleration. In addition, students participate in special units as part of the novelty component. Students in the GATE program also have the opportunity to learn Spanish as a second language.

The teachers at South/West Park work in collaborative teams at each grade level. They meet regularly to plan curriculum and special activities. They also share strategies and ideas.

As part of our early intervention program for reading, South/West Park has a state preschool with two classes of 24 four year olds. We also have three trained Reading Recovery teachers who serve at-risk first graders. One Reading Recovery teacher works with English speakers and two work with Spanish speakers. Additional intervention activities are provided by teachers during Rotation time or after school.

South/West Park has served as a “Model School” for teaching standards-based lessons using a teaching method called, “Direct Instruction”. Direct Instruction emphasizes an academic for student learning. We have three highly trained and certified Direct Instruction coaches on site, to provide 1-to-1 coaching, feedback on lessons, structured Staff Development and support in the delivery and writing of lessons. Our teachers engage and empower students with purposeful, focused, efficient direct instruction strategies.

For more information about our Bilingual Program please visit our Bilingual Web Page, and for more information about the GATE program, please visit our SWP GATE Web Page.