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Microsoft Word- A Two Part Class

This is a two part class. The first class will be on Wed., March 21. We will begin with the basic operations of Microsoft Word. You will have an opportunity to study the version of Microsoft Word that is on your computer. Once we have worked our way through the attached tutorials, we will take a survey to see what we would like to focus on for out next class.

Our suggestion is that you look below and find the version of word that is on your own computer and open it up. Once you are there, you will find an index of content areas, but...there is also a tab at the top that has the word "Extras" as a title. If you click on that tab, you will be taken to another page with articles and then a quiz. Now, if you are short on time and you have some familiarity with Word, take the quiz. It will point out the areas you are unclear on and offer links that will take you directly to that topic. Voila- you have a personally tailored tutorial.

Microsoft Word        

 Tutorials for Different Versions of Word
Word 2000             
Word 2003            
Word 2007*           
Word 2010**          
Word 2010 App  Now  you can use Word on your Smart Phone! Learn how here.             
Word XP (2002)      
 *These pages offer video instruction, too.
*These pages also offer interactive activities
Other Helpful Pages:

Part B will take place on Wed., March 28.

Today's focus areas:

  • Inserting graphics, photos, and/or smart art
  • Manipulating graphics and photos
  • Finding and using Microsoft word templates
    • Template Video
    • Using a Template lesson (Be sure to scroll down once you get to the page, as there are several slides for each lesson. It will tell you something like page 1 out of 5, on the first page.)
    • Microsoft Template Website (It's wonderful!- Just key in what you need in the search window and it will find something that works for you.)