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Leadership Class (Vision) every Thursday

Each Thursday from 8:00 am - 8:25 am students will meet with their academic advisor to review and project their progress, request schedule changes, set goals and receive school announcements.  It is very important for students to attend this meeting.  Students who are absent from this class or late will be marked tardy. Upon completion of a course, students will request a schedule change through the advisor, during Vision or after school.

Weekly and Quarterly Report Cards

One of the major responsibilities of the teacher/academic advisor is to keep the student and parent updated on the student's academic progress at Stein High School.  The Weekly Report Card is usually given to students each Thursday at Vision.  The Weekly Report Card shows the number of lessons a student earned in each subject area the previous week. Report Cards show the number of credits earned during the quarter, and student class behavior. The parent is expected to ask their child to share their weekly report card with them.

What Are Buyouts?

Buyouts are awarded for: lessons, being on time and attendance. “Lesson” buyouts are used at Stein High School to reward those students who are productive in school.  The number of periods a student may buyout is based on attendance and the number of lessons earned.  15 lessons = 1 buyout; 30 lessons = 2 buyouts; 45 lessons = 3 buyouts; etc.  Buyouts can be used only on Friday and on the contingency that the student has no absences during the current week.

An "on time" buy-out will be awarded for one (1) full week of being on time to all classes of the previous week.  The student must have a check in each attendance box of the previous week.  Absences and tardies may not be made up for the purpose of earning an "on time" buyout.  The lesson buyout and “on time” buyout can be saved to use in the future.

An “attendance” buyout is a reward for one full week of 100% attendance.  Students who have attended every period for every day during the current school week will receive one buyout. The attendance buyout must be used the week it is earned; it cannot be saved for future use.

Buyout Policy

1.         Students may have no absences in the current week in order to buy-out on Friday.

2.         The buy-out process is conducted each Friday morning before school, 7:45-8:00 a.m. in the office. If turning in five (5) buy-outs for an all day "buy-out", you must come to the office the Thursday prior at break time, or after 1:30pm  to receive your pass for Friday or buy-out Friday morning.

3.         In order to earn an "attendance buy-out", students must have 100% attendance (no absences) in the current week.  In order to earn an "on time buy-out", students must be on time to all classes Monday through Friday of the previous week.

4.         "Attendance buy-outs" can only be earned on full weeks (Monday-Friday) and must be used that week or forfeited.  (Examples of weeks not earning "attendance buy-outs”: weeks that include holidays, inservice days, minimum days)

5.                  Students will be allowed to buyout only on full, five-day school weeks. 

6.         Students leaving school early for Work Experience will not have buyout privileges, if they have not accumulated a minimum of 15 hours of attendance during the week.

7.         Students must bring buy-outs to the office in person, before the 8:00 a.m. tardy bell.

8.         Lost buy-outs will not be replaced.

9.         Buyouts will be held until advisor/parent contact is made regarding absences/tardies.  (see Attendance Procedures)

10.       Students cannot buy-out after owing more than 15 hours of make-up time.

11.       If as a parent you do not wish your child to participate in buying out, please call the school office at (209)830-3395.


Use of Buy-Outs for Make Up Time

Students owing more than 15 hours, and are eligible to buyout, may bring the required amount of buyouts to the office on Friday morning between 7:45 and 8:00am. 

1.        In the office, they may turn in buyouts and receive a regular make up time slip     that is dated.

2.        Students will attend their regular class schedule.

3.        Students will get the teacher’s signature for each class.

4.        Then, before leaving campus, after 12:30, students will turn the time slip into   the office.

Students who graduate and check out of school, can do make up time at Stein, if they owe 10 hours or less of time.  If a student owes more than 10 hours upon check out, they will need to do community service.

1.  Student owing less than 10 hours and is no longer a student, must sign in at the   office upon arrival.

2.   Student will tell the secretary what class they have made previous arrangement  to attend.

3.   The secretary will call the classroom for verification and upon receiving it will send the graduate on.

4.   The graduate will drop off the time slip in the office before leaving campus and  sign out.

5.   The secretary will keep track of graduate’s make up time.