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School Rules

1)     Students are expected to be responsible individuals in the residential neighborhood surrounding the school.  This includes driving carefully and quietland

        respecting the private property rights of neighbors by refraining from loitering, littering and smoking. 

        Students who endanger the lives of others by speeding or reckless driving are subject to citation by local police and disciplinary action from the school

        administration. The speed limit is 5 mph in the parking lot.

2)      All students have the right to concentrate on learning activities without being disrupted by other students.  MP3 players and other electronic

         communication devices are prohibited.  These items must be put away out of site, including the Ear buds and any connecting wires.  Cell phones must

         be turned off and out of sight on campus. During the after school program, these devices may be used under teacher discretion.

3)     Gum chewing is not allowed on campus. Drinks, with the exception of water, are not 

         allowed in the classroom.   In order to maintain high academic standards and clean

         classrooms, food and drink are not to be brought into the classroom without prior

         permission from a teacher.

4)       No one may smoke on school premises or in areas adjacent to campus, or in a car     parked on or near campus at any time, (up to two blocks).  This including during the normal school day and at any school-sponsored activities. 

 5)      While on campus students are expected to remain in properly designated areas.  Off        limits area include, but are not limited to, the following:

a.       behind buildings and other out of sight areas.

b.      in the student or staff parking lots except during teacher organized times.

c.       loitering in the hallways during break or before and after school.

6)      Students are expected to be properly prepared for each class and to work, according to

each teacher’s standards, for the entire period.  Students are expected to have a binder, a pencil, a pen, and binder paper.  Students are expected to work in each class all period long.

 7)      Students are to use the restroom between classes.  Teachers will allow students to use

the restroom during class time ten minutes after class has started.  Ten minutes before the end of class, students will be asked to wait for passing time. Students who request frequently to use the restroom during class time may be required to provide medical proof  of physical problems that constitute emergency use.

8)      Public displays of affection shall be kept reasonable and proper.  Hand holding is allowed. 

Confiscated Items

Confiscated items must be picked up on or before the last day of school.  Confiscated items not picked up will be discarded.

Work Experience

  • Limited to T.U.S.D. high school enrollment area
  • Outside of area, requires prior approval by the site principal or designee (work experience coordinator)

Work Permits 

  • Maximum of 15 hours of makeup time owed.(students with work permits are not eligible for the 3 absences for any reason per quarter attendance policy)
  • If makeup time hours are over 15 hours no permit shall be issued.
  • Student with work permit who exceeds 15 hours of makeup time, shall be contacted by the work experience coordinator and will have permit suspended.
  • The work experience coordinator will notify the employer of suspension and advise them that the student is not allowed to return to work without a NEW work permit from the school.
  • If a student is slightly over the 15 hour cut-off, (e.g. 20 hours) the coordinator may allow the students to retain their work permit and give them a reasonable deadline for reducing the hours to 15 or below.  If the deadline is not met, the work permit will be pulled at that point.
  • If there are any problems with the employer, they will be referred to the work experience coordinator.
  • When the student’s makeup time hours return to 15 or below, the work experience coordinator will reissue a second work permit.
  • It will be the responsibility of the student to verify makeup time hours.
  • The reissue process will only be done one time per student.
  • The student must be in school if not actually working during 4th and 5th period.
  • Student must maintain eligibility by earning 1 credit per week.  If this issue is raised, students may be given a reasonable amount of time (one week) to improve their grades before pulling the work permit.