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Attendance Policy 

All students are required to attend daily. The Tracy Unified School District Board of Education expects all students to attend class on a daily basis each day that school is in session, unless they must be absent for an excused reason. Stein High School will maintain accurate records of student attendance and will notify parents of excessive student absences. Parents are expected to send students to school or to promptly notify Stein High School if their student is going to be absent. Parents are encouraged to check their students’ attendance on a regular basis by telephoning the Attendance Office and/or accessing the Parent Link account.


Should an absence occur, please contact us at 830-3395 

 on day of absence between 7:30-4:00 pm  

or leave a message on attendance line


Absences from school are defined as follows: Excused: 

Excused absences will be granted for the following reasons: 

A.        Personal illness; a doctor's note is required if over 5 days.

B.         Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic services. Students are strongly urged to make appointments during non-school hours 

C.        Attending funeral services of an immediate family member. 

D.        Jury duty 

E.      Exclusion for not having been properly immunized; these absences will not be excused for more than 5 days.

F.        *Approved travel study (See explanation of travel study on next page)



Un-excused: Listed below are the most common reasons given for absences, which will be considered un-excused.  This list is not all-inclusive; therefore, if you have specific questions regarding unexcused absences, please contact your child’s Principal at 830-3395. 

            A.        Family vacations and extended weekend trips. 

            B.         Oversleeping 

            C.        Cutting 

            D.        Car trouble 

            E.         Court appearances (other than jury duty) or probation department appointments or any other personal business. 

            F.         Any absence considered excused which is not cleared by a parental or doctor's note within 48 hours of returning to school. 


Attendance, Performance and Behavior Agreements

All students are placed on an Attendance, Performance and Behavior Agreement upon enrollment. Students may have 10 absences excused by a parent during the school year. After the 10th excused absence, a doctor’s note will be required in order to excuse all absences thereafter. All unexcused absences must be made up during the after school program. 

Travel Study

Travel Study is a program available to students who must leave school for five or more  days. This program provides students with the opportunity to maintain their grades, attendance and credits in their classes.  Students who fit the above criteria who want to utilize the Travel Study program should contact the office to request and complete the necessary form prior to leaving school.  The contract must be approved by the Principal or his designee.  The form must be signed by the parent and returned to the office before the student leaves for travel study. The Principal’s signature is required PRIOR to beginning Travel Study. Students not completing travel study forms and receiving approval in advance will not receive credit and will be considered unexcused. All assignments must be turned in to the Independent Study Coordinator on the same day the student returns to school in order to earn attendance. 

Attendance Procedures

It is the student’s and parent/guardian’s responsibility to verify an absence, and they must do so within 48 hours upon returning to school.  An auto dialer will notify parents/guardians when a student has missed one or more periods. 

1.      Parents are responsible for notifying the school between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. whenever their student is absent.  A message recorder will take calls at any other time.  All calls and notes must contain the following information:

-name of student

-date of absence 

-specific reason for absence

-daytime phone number where a parent may be reached in addition to the above information, all notes must be signed by the parent/ guardian and state the relationship of the signatory to the student. 

2.      If it becomes necessary for a student to take medication at school, we must have our medical form completed by a parent and the doctor prior to bringing the medication to school.  You may obtain this form from the school office.  You should return the signed form and the medication to the office right away.  Do not keep medication with you or in your backpack. 

3.      In the event the student is absent or tardy and the advisor cannot make contact with the parents or guardians for three consecutive absences and/or tardies, the student's weekly buyouts can be held until the parent or guardian makes contact with the advisor.


Making Up Absences 

Students are expected to make up all unexcused absences and tardies within one week of the infraction. Three hours and forty minutes are needed to clear a full day absence; 45 minutes clears one period.  Students may make up absences from 12:30 to 3:00 Tuesday through Thursday under the supervision of a teacher. Students who do not maintain these standards risk being placed in an alternate educational program. 

**Make up time is cumulative and is carried over from one school year to the next.

 Tardy Policy 

A student arriving after the tardy bell at 8:00 A.M., is expected to go through the office for a late pass, then to class, and will owe a full 45 minutes (one class period) of make-up time after school.  Students arriving after 1st period will be marked truant and owe 45 minutes per period.  This make-up time must be served before Friday of the same week, in order for the student to be eligible to buy-out on that Friday.  If the make-up time for this tardy or period cuts are not served, this will count as one absence on the attendance agreement.  

Late arriving students:  

a)      Must go throuGh the office for a late pass to class. 

b)      Must go to class upon receiving a late pass.  

c)      Must not loiter outside campus waiting for the next class period to begin.