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Welcome to Gill’s Science Page
I welcome Stein High staff and students and wish everyone the very best for the year.
Science courses offered at Stein High:
Ø  Biology
Ø  Human. Physiology
Ø  Earth Science
Students can also check with me any time between 12:45-3:00pm except Mondays and Fridays.
Information provided will be updated as and when required.
Science Courses:
Science Teachers:
George & Evelyn Stein High School
Biology, Human Physiology & Earth Science
Ranvir Gill & Eustacia Hall
Work phone:
Room 13
Gill’s Education
Background &
Highly Qualified Teacher in the area of BIOLOGY
as defined by the "No Child Left Behind Act" of 2001.
CREDENTIAL: California Clear Single Subject Credential in
                            Biological Sciences        
   Cross-Cultural, Language & Academic Development
EDUCATION: Presently pursuing Doctoral Degree of Education in
                          E-Learning & Organizational Leadership
                          Administrative Credential in Education
                          Grand Canyon University, 2008
                          Single Subject Teaching Credential Program
                          California State University, Stanislaus, 2005
                           Master of Science in Botany
                           Master of Education & School Administration