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George & Evelyn Stein High SchoolStein-Jan-2011.jpg
650 W. 10th St., Tracy, CA 95376
209.830.3395 - Main Office
209.830.3396 - FAX
                                                                              *S.T.E.P.S. Website*          


Student Handbook:
Students and Cell Phones
Cell phones and MP3/iPod digital music players are allowed on the school campus and at school sponsored events under the following conditions:
  1. During school hours, the cell and MP3/iPod digital music player must be used BEFORE SCHOOL, AFTER SCHOOL, at LUNCH, at BREAK, AND WALKING BETWEEN CLASSES.
  2. During class periods or assemblies, the cell phone and MP3/iPod digital music player must be turned off and out of visual sight in classrooms, assemblies, and in any other learning environment. Cell phones may not be used for any reason (including talking, listening, ringing, text messaging, checking the time, taking pictures, etc.) and must be powered off except with a classroom teacher’s expressed permission per BP/AR 6163.4.
  3. Students displaying or using cell phones or MP3/iPod digital music players in the classroom or inappropriately will be subject to disciplinary measures and be considered in defiance.
  4. Investigation of theft of any electronic device will not be investigated by school personnel; however, parents may file a theft report with the local police department.

Visitors on Campus

George and Evelyn Stein High School is a closed campus. Upon arriving at the campus in the morning, students are to enter and remain on school grounds. Students should plan to arrive on campus approximately 10 minutes before 8:00 A.M., the beginning of first period, and refrain from loitering in the residential and business areas adjacent to the school. 
Students may not leave campus unless they have checked out through the office or through the work experience coordinator and obtained an off-campus pass prior to leaving. Failure to check out and receive an off-campus pass through the attendance office will result in being considered truant. Appropriate consequences will be assigned.
Consequences for exiting campus without a pass:
  •             1) First Offense: Warning/Parent Contact
  •             2) Second Offense: One-day suspension
  •             3) Third Offense: Two-day suspension/Parent Conference
  •             4) Fourth Offense: Three-day suspension






SEPTEMBER 5    No School, Labor Day

SEPTEMBER 14  Back to School Night - 5:30-7:30 p.m.

OCTOBER 17      Parent Conference Day




Dear Stein High Families,
It is so good to be back at school. Students are happy to work with their teachers and to be with their friends. This year we have two new adult faces on campus in the office. Our Parent Liaison is Mrs. Rocio Virgen-Casas. You may receive a phone call from her, asking you to fill out a form for free and reduced lunch. We are interested in feeding lunch to as many students as possible during the school day.  Student’ s minds are sharper in class, when they have food in their tummies that fuel their brains. Please fill out a form.   We also have a mental health counselor available on Mondays to meet with students. All a student has to do is let their teacher, principal or school secretary know, Mr. Darrell McCollough will meet with them. He is open to discussions of any kind.  I hope your students have a great school year.  We are here for them and for you. Parent Conference day is October 17. We hope to see you here.
Cynthia Johannes, Principal