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AP Calculus AB

Course Prerequisite:
Students must earn a B or better in precalculus or get teacher approval to take Calculus.  I have put together a skills sheet which outlines many of the areas that have contributed to successes or failures in this course here.

Course Description:

AB Calculus is an Advanced Placement level mathematics course.  At the end of the course, students may sit for the AP Calculus Test and possibly earn 3 college credits.  This course is taught as a college-level course and covers 1 semester of college Calculus.  We currently use the Larson book pictured to the right for this course (7th edition).

Course Outline:

The first part of Calculus AB introduces derivatives.  The second part deals with antiderivatives.  We usually finish covering the material around the end of February and use March and April to prepare for the AP Calculus test.  We then use May to introduce some basic programming on the TI-84 and learn to make some Calculus programs.


Why pass the AP Test?

1.) 1 year of UC education costs about $30,000 for 30 credits ($1,000 per credit).

The AP Calculus BC test costs about $90 for 3 credits ($30 per credit).

2.) Passing the test looks great on college applications.

3.) If your college major does not require upper level mathematics, you might never have to take math again.

4.) You get to brag to your friends.

What math course do I take after this course if I am not a Senior?

Next year you could take AP Stats, AP Computer Science or take BC Calculus.  BC Calculus would be about half review and half new material.  See the BC Calculus page for more information.