Students who have completed BC Calculus, here is some information about a new course offering from Las Positas:

 "I wanted to give you (and your non-senior students) some info about a new class the college is offering.  This fall we are offering a Calc 3 (multivariable calculus) class for high school students.  The class will be held at Amador Valley High in Pleasanton on Tue/Thu nights from 5:00-6:15pm and taught by me.  It will be a year long instead of a semester which hopefully will not burden the students too much.  But at the end they would get 5 college credits they could transfer to any university.  Tuition would be free because kids would be dual enrolled.  They also don’t need to pay for parking.  Just the book and gas.  Students will need to complete the attached forms and get a W number from the college (ID number).  They then need to email me with their W number to enroll.  If they have more questions they can visit:"

-David J. Powers


 Here is the class info and forms.