The 2018 IB Math Studies SL test is on May 2nd and 3rd

Math Studies SL Study Group Dates: 

​Date ​Day ​Place ​Time




Project Dates (2018-2019)
  • Initial Meeting:  1/18 3rd period (students must fill out field trip form)
  • Form A: due 1/24 before 8AM
  • Data Collection Method: due 2/4 before 8AM
  • Outline and Data:  due 2/25th (before end of day)
  • Field Trip to Library:  February 25th (All Day, must fill out field trip form)
  • Rough Draft:  due 3/4 before 8AM - all rough drafts will be submitted electronically in pdf format by email to   
  • The saved name of your project will be Year Last Name, First Name.  ex.  2019 Night, Fort.  ​Do NOT put any identifying information on the cover page or within your paper.
  • Final Draftdue Friday, March 18th(11:59pm) - all final drafts will be submitted electronically in pdf format by email to

Project Resources

  • Find a template for writing your paper here​.  You can use this for formatting and to help guide your writing.


Project Formatting Guidance

The following formatting is recommended for eCoursework:
  •  Arial font size 12 (where the language / script supports it) 
  •  Double-line spacing 
  •  Numbered pages 
  •  Portrait orientation (rather than landscape) – except where it is necessary to accommodate a specific item such as a graph or illustration
The purpose of this guidance is to make the script as easy as possible to read and mark for the examiner.


Technical Specifications:  File sizes and file types

  • It is recommended that videos are submitted in .mp4 format. However, both .mov and .m4v are acceptable because they will be converted into .mp4 format by the IB.
  • The maximum file size for a document is 50MB, irrespective of whether the document contains images.
  • Candidates should be advised to keep files to a reasonable size to help prevent any difficulties with upload and marking, and it is the expectation that most documents will be considerably less than 50MB. Some subject guides may indicate a maximum file size for a particular component.  
Effective Citing and Referencing 
  • It is vitally important that all coursework is the authentic work of the candidate, and that any words and thoughts of others are correctly referenced.
  • The candidate submission includes a declaration "that this work is my own work and is the final version. I have acknowledged each use of the words or ideas of another person, whether written, oral or visual" .
  • Effective immediately, 100% of coursework received by the IB will be checked via a new text matching software for possible collusion and plagiarism. Any potential breaches to regulations will be investigated by the IB and the candidate may not receive a grade for the subject.
  • More on effective citing and referencing here.
  • More on Academic Honesty in the IB educational context here.

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