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Summer Assignment for BC 2018-2019.  

All of the following will be due the first Thursday back from break, on which day we will have our first test (Limits).  Students are highly encouraged to begin in the weeks prior to the start of the school year.

1.  Khan Academy Registration

  • You may use an existing Khan Academy account or make a new account.  
  • Add me as your coach by using the class code:  9V73R3DB
  • Change your "Real name" to "LastName, FirstName", for example:  "Trump, Donald"  The spacing is important for alphabetizing the students on my end.

2.  Khan Academy Exercises

  • Complete a bunch of Limits exercises through Khan Academy (I have to push the exercises to your account once you have joined my class, please be patient and wait for them to appear).

Note: Common troubleshooting solutions are switching browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)  

Also Note:  You might have already completed these exercises during precalculus.  Please keep in mind that you are in BC Calculus now.  It is important that you focus on comprehension and not just completion.  Use these exercises to undertand ideas.

Also Also note:  The exercises do not need to be completed in order

3.  Schoology Registration​

  • You may use an existing schoology account or create a new account
  • Join my class by using access code:  GXS5N-HMRSJ​
  • Complete the start of the year questionairre​
  • After you have completed all of the Khan Exercises, take the Limits practice quiz in schoology.  You have unlimited attempts at this practice quiz.

4.  Use the study guides below (coming soon) to prepare for the first test (limits).

We will have a test on limits on the first Thursday back.  This will include graphical limits, both one and two sided.  Analytical limits, both one and two sided.  Limits at infinity.  The limit definition of continuity.  Analytical methods for evaluating limits which produce the indeterminate form, and more! 

AP Calculus BC

Course Description:

BC Calculus is an Advanced Placement level mathematics course. At the end of the course, students may sit for the AP Calculus Test and possibly earn up to 6 college credits. This course is taught as a college-level course and covers 2 semester of college Calculus. We currently use the Larson book pictured to the right for this course (7th edition).

Course Outline:

  • Limits, Derivatives, and Graphing
  • Antiderivatives​, Area, and Volume
  • Series, Polar, and Parametric equations

Why pass the AP Test?

1.)  1 year of UC education costs about $30,000 for 30 credits ($1,000 per credit).

      The AP Calculus BC test costs about $108 for 6 credits ($18 per credit).

2.)  Passing the AP test looks great on college applications.

3.)  If your college major does not require upper level mathematics, this could be the last math class you ever have to take :).

4.) You get to brag to your friends.

What math courses can I take after this course if I am not a Senior?

AP Statistics or AP Computer Science.