AP Statistics

 Course Prerequisite:​

Students must earn a C or better in pre-calculus or Algebra II or get teacher approval.  

Course Description:​

AB Statistics is an Advanced Placement level mathematics course.  At the end of the course, students may sit for the AP Statistics Test and possibly earn 3 college credits.  This course is taught as a college-level course and covers 1 semester of college Statistics. 

Course Outline:

  • ​​Exploring Data:  describing patterns and departures from patterns
  • Sampling and experimentation:  planning and conducting a study
  • Anticipating patterns:  exploring random phenomena using probability and simulation
  • Statistical inference:  estimating populations parameters and testing hypotheses 

Why pass the AP Test?

  • 1 year of UC education costs about $30,000 for 30 credits ($3,000 for 3 credits).  The AP Calculus BC test costs about $100 for 3 credits.
  • Passing the test looks great on college applications.
  • If your college major does not require upper level mathematics, you might never have to take math again.
  • You get to brag to your friends.
  • If you earn enough credits you can get priority scheduling over other freshman.