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 Welcome to Poet



     Welcome to Poet-Christian Magnet school. We are an Magnet school of choice and we offer a K-8 family environment for our students.  Poet-Christian is named after a longtime Tracy Educator, Gladys Poet-Christian.  The school was opened in the fall of 1990 as a K-5 school.  The school began expansion as a K-8 and in 1997.  There are approximately 600 students who attend Poet-Christian with about half our students coming from our small attendance boundary and the other half coming to Poet from within the entire boundary.  There is a two-tiered waiting list at each of the grade levels for students who live within the TUDS boundary.  Students living within the small Poet-Christian attendance boundary are given priority registration and placement on the waiting list.

     We offer a primarily single grade classroom structure but also have a multiage option for grades 5-8. The Beginning Team is the home of our incoming Kindergarten students. Once students leave Kindergarten they enter our Primary teams. The Primary Team is comprised of students in grades one and two and includes two first grade and two second grade classrooms. The Intermediate Team is for students in grades three and four. There are two third grade classrooms and two fourth grade classrooms.  The Advanced Team is the beginning of our upper grade section. This team is home for students in grades five and six. Here also there are two classrooms of each grade level and one multiage classroom. The Middle School Team is the final team at Poet. This is the team for students in grades seven and eight. There are two seventh grade classes, two eighth grade classes, and one multiage class.  Our eighth graders move on from Poet to attend one of the three comprehensive high schools in the District.  Classroom ratios in all of the classes are 32-1. 

      By offering a multiage class option we give students the opportunity to work with the same teacher for two years. The teacher and the students can bond over the two-year period to a greater degree than traditional classrooms where they change teachers every year. In the multiage classroom, students will address the standards for the two included grades over the course of their two years in the class. We have experienced that many students make great progress remaining with the same teacher and working in a multiage structure. We are very pleased with our test score results and continue to make academic achievement our greatest priority.

     Because we are a Magnet School, parents have a choice to enroll their children at Poet.  We offer our students both Art or Dance on a daily basis.  In 1st-3rd grade our students have Dance for the first half of the year and Art the second half of the year.  Our 4th-8th graders have Art & PE the first half of the year and Dance & PE the second half of the year.  Our 7th & 8th graders have the option of auditioning for the Core Movers dance class which they will have for most of the second half of the school year.  They will perform on stage at the Grand Theater in May with the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  We will also showcase the artistic talents of our students at two Art Shows:  December and March.  This is a great opportunity to see the work the students have completed throughout the year under the direction of Mrs. Wardell.

      A school is as strong as its membership. The staff is dedicated to providing the best educational opportunities for your child. They spend time planning and working together to ensure that students gain from the insights and expertise of all of the staff at that age level. As the principal of the school, I promise that I will provide a safe and secure campus for your child and I will focus our collective energies on providing instructional strategies and meaningful curriculum that meet the needs of our students.

      The staff and I expect our students to come to school ready to learn and aware of their responsibility as learners. Children will be challenged as long as they are willing to accept the opportunities given to them at Poet. We believe in an open-ended curriculum that allows for maximum challenge for all students at all times. 

        Our school has enjoyed a great deal of success because of a commitment from the Poet Staff, Parents and Students. The parents at Poet have been a big part of the school’s success and we look forward to continuing a strong partnership with parents in the coming school year. It is imperative to Poet’s success that we have the support and commitment from parents and we are asking our parents to make a commitment to the school by giving three hours each month to the school. We realize that many parents work, therefore we arrange for ways for parents who work to do things to help the school at home. We believe that involved and active parents are better informed and therefore more supportive of the school efforts.
    Poet is a caring community with a strong set of values.  These values are encouraged and supported through a Character Education program emphasizing the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Caring, Respect, Citizenship, Fairness, and Responsibility. We help each of our students to demonstrate pride in themselves and in the school.  We also model respect and help our students to do the same.
    I  look forward to working with all of you and hope you enjoy your time at Poet.


William Maslyar






 School Goals



 Poet-Christian School Goals


1.  Academic Programs and Student Achievement
     To provide students with a relevant, meaningful, and challenging curriculum to meet or exceed district and state standards in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

2.  Student Attendance, School Culture, Diversity and Equity

      To increase student’s average daily attendance in order to increase student achievement. 
To develop a positive, safe, and healthy school climate through classroom and school-wide activities and programs.

3.  Professional Development
     To develop educational leaders through staff development and activities centered on the school’s programs and goals.

4.  Parent Involvement & Communication
     To encourage parents to participate in school activities and programs and to develop a positive and supportive relationship with the school, home, and community and to maintain open lines of communication between the school and home.

5.  Technology
     To provide staff and students the opportunity to use technology for learning, communicating, and working in an information-centered society.

6.  School Library
     To provide students with materials and resources to be successful in school.