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School Policies.


Electronic devices such as, but not limited to, recording devices, ipods, radios, CD players, and video games, are not permitted on campus and will be confiscated for safety purposes.  Personal items such as cameras, designer sunglasses, designer purses, designer jackets, and/or other valuables should be left at home. If you bring them to school, they may be placed in the office until the end of the day. The school district does not provide insurance for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property on school premises. Repeated offenses will result in detention, assignment to the support room or suspension and/or requiring parents to pick up confiscated items. Confiscated items not picked up by the last day of school will be disposed of.


Students are allowed to carry cell phones on campus, but they are not allowed to have them turned on and in use on campus during the school day. Students who do not follow the rules will have their phones taken and held in the office. The student will be allowed to pick up the phone at the end of the school day on the first offense. Repeated offenses will require a parent to speak to the principal or the principal’s designee.


Please help us keep our classrooms and school grounds clean by not bringing gum or candy to school. Gum, gum wrappers and candy wrappers, more often than not, end up on the classroom floor and/or school grounds, causing a litter problem on our campus. Therefore, students are not to bring either gum or candy to school. If a parent feels it is necessary for their student to eat a piece of candy at school, then they may pack a piece of candy and/or a candy bar in their student’s lunch bag or lunch box. This item may be consumed in the cafeteria at lunch time only. All gum and other candy brought to school will be confiscated and will not be returned. Continued violations of this rule will result in disciplinary action as defiance of authority resulting in detention, community service, alternate placement, support room placement and/or suspension. It is our belief that both gum and candy serve only to distract from the educational process.


Restrooms are open for student use throughout the school day. During class time, students must obtain a hall pass from the teacher to use the restroom. Students using the restroom are to cooperate with staff members checking or supervising the area. Restrooms are not to be used for ‘social gathering’.