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Health Services.

Students who become ill should report to the attendance office with a pass from their teacher. Arrangements will be made with a family member or emergency contact person for the student to go home. Under no circumstances should the student leave campus without permission from the office staff.


All medication, prescription and over-the-counter, must follow California State Health and Safety Codes and district policy. School personnel will give your child medication at school if the following guidelines are met:

1. Parent and physician complete the form - Permission Form for Administering Medication in School (you may obtain a form from our attendance office. This form must be updated yearly.
2. Bring medication to the attendance office in a ‘pharmacy labeled’ bottle that includes the student’s name, medication name, dosage and time to be given.

If your physician is located out of town, Health Services can call your physician and verify a need for medication. If you need their assistance please call them at 830-3241.

Health Screenings:

Hearing and vision tests given to 8th grade students this year. A teacher, parent, school psychologist or administrator may refer any student to school health services for vision, hearing or health assessment testing as needed. Also, all 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys receive scoliosis screening. If you do not want your child to be tested, the state requires that a “parent or guardian” may file annually with the principal of the school in which s/he is enrolled, a statement in writing, signed by the parent or guardian, stating that s/he will not consent to a physical examination of their child.”


Students entering the 7th grade are now required by law to have their Hepatitis B immunizations also.

The Tracy Family Center:

The Tracy Family Center is a collaborative of public, private non-profit and service organizations established to improve the health of Children and their families in the Tracy community, and is part of the Tracy Unified School District. The main focus of the community effort is to help families enroll in the Healthy Families Insurance Program and enroll families in Medi-Cal if they qualify. The Healthy Families Insurance plan is a low cost plan covering medical, dental, and vision for children from ages one until age nineteen for a low monthly premium. The Tracy Family Center has persons qualified to help the family sign up for this plan as well as answer questions that you might have. They can be reached at: Tracy Family Center-19 East 6th Street- 831-5570.


 Pertussis Facts


AB 354

The New 7th – 12th Grade California Immunization Law

California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch

What PARENTS Need To Know 

Click Here For the Fact Sheet

Avoid the Flu.
Be prepared!
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