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Our Clubs: 
Looking for a way to get more involved and to make a few new friends. Consider joining one of our campus clubs.  All students are invited to participate in these activities.  Announcements are announced in the school bulletin throughout the year.  So of our clubs include:                                                                 
Art Club           Ms. Nicolas                             Rallies/Assemblies                  Mrs. Coffman                        

AVID Club       Mr. Lynch/ Ms. Holder            Recycling Club                        Mr. Baker

Chess Club       Mr. Lynch                              Student Council                       Mrs. Coffman        

Instrumental Concerts             Mr. McMillan          WEB                        Mrs. Arbogast, Mrs. Coffman, Ms. Sowers

Leadership       Mrs. Coffman                          Whiz Kids                               Mrs. Arbogast

Newspaper       Mrs. Couris                              Yearbook                                 Mrs. Couris