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At McKinley Elementary School we care about the success and achievement of our students. We believe that all students can learn. We are committed to educating all students so that they have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be effective communicators, complex thinkers and college and career ready.
To do this we will continue to:
  • Teach the basic skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and solving mathematical problems.
  • Refine our instruction so that students are asked to demonstrate and apply these basic skills to solve problems, communicate effectively and produce quality work.
  • Use research and standards based curriculum that enhances our instruction so that it is more connected to real-life situations.
  • Plan lessons using technology, science, engineering and other subjects that increases their academic knowledge.
  • Assess how well our students are doing and use the results to improve instruction.
  • Maintain a safe and positive learning enviroment where students, staff, parents and community members are respected, appreciated, encouraged and supported.


McKinley School Vision Statement: 

The ultimate goal of the McKinley school community is to: 

·         Provide a positive and safe environment  
·         Strive for academic excellence  
·         Build strong character  
·         Inspire a life-long love of learning 
·         Utilize research based curriculum that effectively meet the needs of each child.