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Dance Guidelines


Kimball High dances are for Kimball High school students only (with the exception of the Black Tie Affair Winter Ball). Students wishing to bring a guest to Black Tie Affair must complete a Guest Registration form, available at the Bookkeeper's Office. The complete form must be submitted to the Bookkeeper's office by 3:30pm one week prior to the dance. All guests must be pre-approved by the assistant principal before they will be allowed to attend. Guests may not be over 20 years of age. Guests must be in good standing; no more than 15 hours of Saturday School, all fines cleared, and have a record of good citizenship.

Regular School Dance Requirements:

  1. Regular dances are from 9:00pm until midnight.
  2. Students must have a current student picture ID card.
  3. Students must leave campus by 12:15am.
  4. NO students will enter dances after 10:45.
  5. Once a student leaves the dance, he/she may NOT return and must leave campus.
  6. If required by your school, a signed dance contract must be on file.

Winter Ball Requirements for KHS students and guests:

  1. All requirements for regular dances plus...
  2. Students may not have more than 15 hours of Saturday School by 1:00pm one week prior to the dance.
  3. Students must not owe any fines or fees.
  4. Any student serving an all day in-house suspension/support room shall be ineligible.

Behavior Guidelines for the Dances:

  • Dance moves may not imitate any overt sexual action.
  • Students are to conform to the school dress code at regular dances.
  • Students who fail to follow the guidelines will have their dance privileges rescinded.
  • Students removed from a school dance fore extreme defiance may be prohibited from attending all school dances for the remainder of the school year, including the Winter Ball.
  • Any individual removed from the dance will not receive a refund of their money.

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