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Dance Guidelines:


1.        Guest must be registered and approved by the Kimball High School Administration and the Activities Director.
2.        Guest must be between the ages of 14-20 years old on the date of the dance.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
3.        Student and guest must follow standards expected of Kimball High Students in their dress code, behavior, language and dancing.
4.        Good behavior and cooperation from guest and host/hostess is required.  Failure to do so will result in both individuals being subject to disciplinary action.
5.        Guest will not be admitted without a picture I.D.
6.        Students and guests will travel together from KHS and return together to KHS on TUSD – provided transportation.
7.        All attendees will be searched prior to boarding busses and are subject to search at any time.  Please see dance guidelines.
8.        Dances are a privilege; No guest or student who is suspended, expelled or under any disciplinary investigation will be allowed.


Guests must be in good standing; no more than 15 hours of Saturday School, all fines cleared, and have a record of good citizenship.


Behavior Guidelines for the Dances:

  • Dance moves may not imitate any overt sexual action.
  • Students are to conform to the school dress code at regular dances.
  • Students who fail to follow the guidelines will have their dance privileges rescinded.
  • Students removed from a school dance fore extreme defiance may be prohibited from attending all school dances for the remainder of the school year, including the Winter Ball.
  • Any individual removed from the dance will not receive a refund of their money.


Prom Attendees Information


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