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Attendance Policies

When an absence occurs, please call the attendance message line at 832-6600, extension 4025, on the day of the absence.  Please provide the name or your student (spelling the last name) and the date and reason for the absence.
If unable to do so, students should bring a note to school to clear the absence when they first return to school.

Parents are expected to send students to school or to promptly notify Kimball High School if their student is going to be absent. Parents are encouraged to check their students’ attendance on a regular basis by telephoning the Attendance Office and/or accessing the Parent Link account.

Absences from school are defined as follows:

Excused: The teacher will allow a student to make up the work during an excused absence; to the
extent it is possible Students will have the same number of days that they were ab sent from school to make up their work.Excused absences will be granted for the following reasons: 
a. Personal illness; a doctor’s note is required if over 5 days.
b. Medical, dental, optometrist or chiropractic services. Students are strongly urged to make appointments during non-school hours.
c. Attending funeral services of an immediate family member. (Grandparents, parents, sibling)
d. Jury duty.
e. Exclusion for not having been properly immunized; these absences will not be excused for more   than 5 days.
f. *Approved travel study. (See explanation of travel study on page 12)
g. Religious instruction (Ed. Code 46014)
Unexcused: Students will not be allowed to make up work missed if an absence is unexcused. Listed
below are the most common reasons given for absences that will be considered unexcused.
a. Family vacations and extended weekend trips.
b. Oversleeping
c. Cutting
d. Car trouble
e. Any absence considered excused which is not cleared by a parental or doctor’s note within 48 hours of returning to school.
This list is not all-inclusive. If you have specific questions regarding unexcused absences, please contact your child’s Assistant Principal.
Attendance Procedures 
It is the student and parent/guardian responsibility to verify an absence, and they must do so within 48 hours upon returning to school. An auto dialer will notify parents/guardian when a student is absent from school a portion of the day.
1. Parents are responsible for notifying the school between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm whenever their student is absent. Parents may call the attendance office and/or send a note with the student upon his/her return to school. All notes must contain the following information:
    •  Name of student
    •  Date(s) of absence
    •  Specific reason for absence
    •  Daytime phone number where a parent may be reached
    •  Parent’s signature

2. Upon returning to school, a student must obtain an admit slip at the Attendance Office window before school starts.

    • If a parent has called to report a student’s absence, the student will not be required to obtain an admit, and the corresponding absence code will have been entered into the attendance program. The attendance office window is open at 8:00 am every day for the purposes of issuing admit slips to clear absences.
    • A student must bring an absence note to the office early enough so that he/she will be in first period class by the time the tardy bell rings
    • A student who is late to his/her first period class will receive an unexcused tardy. A student returning to school after being absent will not be admitted to class without an admit slip or being cleared on the computer.
    • Students needing to obtain an admit slip before school and after first period; need to report to the Attendance Office window.
    3. Any student whose absence code is marked “A” for a particular class period must be sent to the Attendance Office to receive an admit for the designated period(s).
    4. To clear an absence, a student must bring a note from a parent or doctor, or the student’s parent may call the attendance office. Students have only 48 hours upon their return to school in order to clear an absence.  
    NOTE: Students are not permitted to use office telephones to clear an absence. If the absence is not cleared within 48 hours, the absence becomes a truant.
    5. A student returning to school without a call or note from a parent or a note from a doctor will be considered truant and assigned to Saturday School.  
    If a student brings in a note within 48 hours of returning to school, he/she will not be required to serve Saturday School. If a student does not bring in a note when first returning to school, but does bring in a note within 48 hours, he/she must take the note to the Attendance Office to obtain a second admit slip. A student must show the admit slip to all of his/her teachers in order to clear the absence and obtain make-up work.

6. A student can facilitate the re-admit process by doing all of the following:

  • A parent or legal guardian must telephone the Attendance Office and notify the secretary of the reason for the absence and state the day of return to school.
  • Report to the attendance window at 8:00 am on the day of return. Bring a properly completed note from a parent/guardian.

7. Students enrolled in a zero period must also be enrolled in first through fifth periods. Students may take a sixth period or be excused for the day. If the student is dropped or drops from the zero period class, he/she will be assigned to support room for the sixth period and receive an “F” in the class.

  • Students enrolled in zero through fifth period must leave campus immediately after fifth period. Students with school obligations after school may return for the obligation. All students are required to attend six classes or take  30 credits per semester.



Attendance - Obtaining Information

Parents who have concerns regarding a student’s attendance habits may request an attendance printout from the attendance office (extension or), check Parent Link, and/or request a conference with an assistant principal. If parents are experiencing problems receiving school mail, they may use an alternate address by contacting the Registrar’s Office (extension 4031).

Excessive Absences:

Ten or more days of absences in the span of a school year are considered excessive and may require a doctor’s note.

Parents On-Line:

Parent Link is a computer system that assists families with keeping on top of their child’s attendance, behavior and academic progress. Please contact your school site to obtain account and access information. NOTE: Attendance is updated daily; posting of grades to the system is at individual teacher discretion.