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Tardy Policy


A little late is too late! Every instructional minute counts and student taqrdiness interferes with the learning process. Please be respectful of your teacher and fellow classmates and be on time to class. Specific tardy policies and procedures are as follows:

  1. A tardy is defined as arrival to class within the first ten (10) minutes after the tardy bell rings. Students must be in their seats when the bell rings. Arrival to class 10-29 minutes after the tardy bell will constitute a late. Arrival to clas 30 minutes or later will constitute an unexcused absence.
  2. Students receiving an admit after the 8:30 bell has rung will be marked accordinginly.

 # of Tardies


 1, 2

 Teacher consequence (Teacher discretion)


 One period suspension to Support Rooom. Parent notified by teacher.


 Same as 3-4 but Support Room for two days.


 Referral to Assistant Principal. One full day suspension to Support Room. Placed on contract (next tardy referral results in one-day suspension home and loss of off campus lunch privieges for remainder of quarter. Parents contacted by Assistant Principal.


 One-day suspension home for Defiance of Authority and loss of off campus lunch privieges for remainder of quarter.


 Revert back to 3-4 Consequences

Students 10 or more minutes late to a class will receive one hour of Saturday School and the specified tardy consequence.

Note: Failure to serve a teacher's assigned detention or Saturday School will be considered Defiance of Authority (Education Code 48900) and appropriate consequences will be administered which may include Support Room and/or suspension from school. 


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