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Student Responsibility

This is your "Code" while attending Kimball High School. Follow its tenets and you can't go wrong.

  • Obey School Rules: Reasonable school rules and regulations are designed and enforced by Kimball High School so that a productive school environment that is conducive to effective teaching and learning can be preserved.
  • Courteous Treatment of Others: All students and staff members are entitle to expect courtesy and respect from others. This included the right of all student to receive an education.
  • Attend School Daily: Unless ill or legally excused, students are required to attend each class every day. In addition, students may lose the privilege of participating in extra-curricular activities due to unexcused absences, truants, or tardies.
  • Be on Time and Come Prepared for Class: Students who enter a classroom after instruction has begun or students who delay class activities because they do not have necessary books and materials are interfering with the right of others to learn.
  • Complete All Assignments and Meet Deadlines: The full responsibility for learning cannot be transferred from the student to the teacher. A meaningful education requires that students punctually complete all school assignments.
  • Respect Public Property: Carefully use and return all materials and equipment.
  • Cooperate with School Staff Members: All communities depend upon the willingness of citizens to play a part in upholding the rules to which everyone adheres. It is unreasonable to expect help when your rights have been violated when you have refused to help others protect their rights.