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Our Pathways
                & DESIGN


All of these pathways are designed to be college preparatory programs.


Your counselor plays a vital role in your high school career. They guide both you and your family throughout high school, helping you to take the appropriate classes while becoming the best that you can be. The American School Counseling Association states that professional school counselors deliver a comprehensive school counseling program encouraging all students in their academic, career and personal/social development while helping all students to maximizing their achievement. The responsibility of your counselor is to assist you with both your academic and personal needs; This includes assisting you to successfully complete the requirements of your pathway and to graduate from high school. The overall goal of our counseling department is to help you create positive postsecondary opportunities.


Our Counselors:

  • David Silva serves all ACI Students. You can reach him at .
  • Amy Thompson serves students in the ELD, Special Ed., and AVID Students. She can be reached at .
  • Tracy Rivera serves students in the Health Sciences Pathway.  She can be reached at .
  • Cindy Menezes serves students in the Communications Pathway. She can be reached via email at  

Department Chairs

  • Fine Arts/CTE...Kimiko Azama
  • World Language...Marisa Grezdo
  • Social Science...Matt Gumpert
  • Special Education...Julie Laister
  • Mathematics...Dean Medek
  • Physical Education...Elisa Rains
  • English...Jennifer Sprecksel
  • Science...Bret States

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Hands On Experience 

  • Freshman year through graduation, students will be sent on fieldtrips relative to their pathway.
  • Sophomore year, students will do onsite job shadowing where they will get to visit working professionals and see what they do first hand.
  • Junior year, students will be offered internships. As interns, students will acquire experience in an occupation or profession that relates to their pathway. For example, a student from the health sciences pathway may intern in a local dental office.
  • Senior year, KHS students will complete their hands on learning with a senior project which is a student driven and teacher guided program. The project requires real world application stemming from the foundation of the pathway knowledge and skills acquired from grades 9-11.