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Why use a Course Catalog?

All Jaguars need to be equipped with an annual Course Catalog because it is your key to success in high school.  The purpose of the Course Catalog is to help our students and their families plan and maintain an optimal high school experience.  The route to earning a high school diploma should be personalized to meet the needs of each individual student. By using this catalog to select your courses, communicate with your family, and learn about John C. Kimball High School you will guide yourself through high school.  If you have any questions, or need further assistance please ask your counselor.


How can my counselor help and who are they?

Your counselor plays a vital role in your high school career. They guide both you and your family throughout high school, helping you to take the appropriate classes while becoming the best that you can be. The American School Counseling Association states that professional school counselors deliver a comprehensive school counseling program encouraging all students in their academic, career and personal/social development while helping all students to maximizing their achievement. The responsibility of your counselor is to assist you with both your academic and personal needs; The KHS counselors believe that a successful road through high school leads to a successful life after high school thus we are here to guide you with PRIDE.

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