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All Kelly teachers will utilize positive reinforcement techniques within their classrooms. Fred Jones’ Positive Classroom Discipline is the basis of discipline at George Kelly School. This program is based upon the discipline resting with the teacher and with the ultimate goal of time on task. To achieve that, all teachers utilize the “limit setting” process which involves stopping instruction and handling the situation and redirecting when possible the student back to the lesson.

At times a student’s behavior is such that giving them time to think about their actions is beneficial. Teachers may do this through in class “Chill Outs’ or office “Chill Outs”. For office “Chill Outs” students will be sent to the office with a “Chill Out” form for a prescribed period of time. The student is asked to fill out the form concerning his or her inappropriate action and ways to correct or prevent it in the future. At the end of the time the student returns to class. If a student exceeds five “Chill Outs” or has behavior that is more severe he or she will receive an automatic referral to the office.

The discipline in Tracy Unified School District is progressive (See District Discipline Handbooks). Generally, the consequences for behavior start small but if the student has repeated incidents of the same type of behavior, the consequences escalate and can lead to suspension and/or expulsion. Students referred to the office will receive consequences ranging from a warning and/or detention, Wednesday School, suspension and/or possible expulsion depending upon the severity of the action and the number of actions.

Kelly staff believes in respectful relationships, no talking back and defiance. This will be dealt with in the same manner as outlined above. Profanity, bullying, racial, ethnic or religious slurs will result in an immediate referral to the office for appropriate action. Any student referred to the office and receiving a referral is to place the referral in a secure place and not be sharing it with anyone but his or her parents as this information is confidential.

For further details, please see the Student Handbook.