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 Course Description


Principles of Engineering 2 is designed to cover the concepts normally found in a traditional Biology class, but to look at them with an engineering focus.  While covering the various topics normally associated with a biology class, the course exposes students to the field of bio-engineering.  Students will not only learn the fundamental concepts of biology, but also learn how to apply them to solve problems found in the world around them. 


Topics that are covered in this class include, but are not limited to: biochemistry, cell energetics, cell structure and function, genetics, evolution, ecology and the environment, and plant and animal systems.  These topics are covered in the context of the following areas:  genetics, biotechnology, environmental engineering, and biomedical engineering.  Students will also gain scientific process skills such as observing and collecting data, measuring, organizing data, classifying, hypothesizing, predicting, inferring, modeling, and communicating.  Students can expect to participate in group projects, labs, and class discussions, use handouts and label diagrams, conduct independent research, give oral presentations, take notes, and use the computers. 


We will hold class in room MS 22. We will conduct labs approximately every other week. Students are responsible for all safety standards that are applicable in a science laboratory.


 Principles of Engineering 2 Curriculum and Additional Resources


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