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Wanda Hirsch Elementary School

School Mission
With integrity and compassion, Wanda Hirsch Elementary School promotes a commitment to personal academic excellence, while empowering each individual to strive for and embrace the character, knowledge and problem solving skills necessary to facilitate positive changes in our diverse world.

School Goals
1. Prepare all students for college and career and ensure all students meet grade level standards with a focus on closing the achievement gap.
1a. Activities to support all students

1b. Programs to meet the needs of English Learners

1c. Additional support for at-risk students and students not making progress (including longterm EL and at-risk for longterm EL)

2. Provide a safe and equitable learning environment
3. Parent Involvement: Strategies to encourage parent involvement and provide parent education.

Parent Liaison

4. Technology: Use technology as a tool to improve instruction, management of classrooms and efficiency in operations.