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 Duncan-Russell Continuation High School




Students who graduated Duncan Russell prior to 2007 need to request official transcripts from Stein Continuation High School at 830-3395.
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Duncan-Russell Continuation High School is known as “Cyber High”
·         Cyber High Provides On-Line Courses for High School Credit Recovery
·         At-Risk Students Given the Opportunity to Get Back “On Track” to Graduate
Cyber High’s On-Line Credit Recovery program provides Duncan-Russell students with an opportunity to succeed where they have not succeeded in the past.
Through the encouragement that success brings Duncan-Russell’s Cyber High students become self-motivated to succeed academically giving them the opportunity to graduate

Duncan-Russell Cyber High Offers an Alternative Approach by:
  • Offering Credit Recovery Through On-Line Courses
  • Helping Students Reach the Goal of High School Graduation
  • Ensuring Students Achieve Individual Academic Success
  • Developing Students as Self-Directed Learners as They Achieve Academic Success
  • Providing an Environment Where Each Student Feels Safe, Valued, and Respected
  • Establishing a Place Where Diversity is Celebrated as a Strength
  • Encouraging an On-Going Communication and Partnership Between Students, Staff, Parents, the Tracy Community, and Tracy Business Members
  • Staff and Students Agreeing to:
    • Demonstrate Mutual Respect
    • Practice Attentive Listening, Participation, and Appreciation for One Another (No Put Downs)
  • Providing Character Education (Fairness, Responsibility, Citizenship, Respect, Caring, and Trustworthiness)
By doing so: 
  • All Duncan Russell’s Cyber High Students Will Have the Opportunity to Become Creative, Independent Problem-Solvers, Responsible Community Members, and Leaders of Tomorrow


  May 24         Last Day of School
 If you are 18 or older and would like to register to vote, please visit this page.
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Hello Parents and Students,
I am ecstatic about joining the Duncan Russell Continuation High School community!
I am your new Assistant Principal, Traci L Mitchell.  I come to serve you with 20 years of experience working with youths from a wide variety of populations as a High School Counselor (9th – 12th grade), Classroom Teacher (7th/8th grade), Social Work Intern/Child Care Worker for minors in juvenile hall and youths in a non-profit probation group home, and a Case Manager for pregnant and parenting teens (non-profit).  My Alma Mater’s are California State University, Hayward (before it became East Bay) - Bachelor of Arts in Sociology-Social Services. I went on to earn a K-12 Teaching Credential from Patton University, a Master of Science in Educational Counseling, from National University, a Pupil Personnel Services Credential and an Educational Administrative Credential from the State of California.
I am committed to student strength-based focused teaching and dedicated to creating a positive learning environment and making a difference in students’ lives. 
Students attending Duncan Russell High School are given the opportunity to succeed academically and behaviorally using Cyber High’s on-line credit recovery program.  Servicing grades eleven and twelve, Duncan Russell’s staff is dedicated to each students’ academic success so they may graduate from either Stein High or their zoned/resident high school.
Duncan Russell’s Cyber High curriculum is aligned with California’s State Standards.  The alignment to the State’s standards helps our students achieve grade level success when they return to their resident schools.
Founded in 1970, Duncan Russell High School has a long history in Tracy of supporting students to become creative, independent problem-solvers, responsible community members, and the leaders of tomorrow. Counseling is an integral component that helps students learn positive responses to some of the more difficult situations that they may face.
As the Assistant Principal I look forward to working with you and your students in planning and facilitating a pathway where students are able to full their dreams and goals.  Please feel free to contact me should you have questions, concerns or you just want to get to know the Assistant Principal.
Welcome to Duncan Russell High School!
Grateful for the opportunity to serve,
Traci L Mitchell
Assistant Principal
Duncan Russell Continuation High School
(209) 830-3357
All Duncan Russell’s Cyber High Students Will Have the Opportunity to Become Creative, Independent Problem-Solvers, Responsible Community Members, and Leaders of Tomorrow