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Your Name:  Dominique Banner


Phone:  209-830-3360 Your Ext 2404


Email Address:




Room Number(s): A108, A111, A210

Office Hours: 3-3:20pm T-TH, A111


Course Description:

Geometry is aligned with the California State Standards and Framework.  Passing this course is a pre-requisite for Algebra II and other higher level mathematics courses.  A minimum grade of C- is required for CSU and UC subject credit.


Required Materials:

Each class period each student is required to bring:

·         Covered Geometry textbook *****There will be notification on the front board as to whether or not the textbook is needed the next school day*****

·         3-ring binder with dividers

·         Lined paper

·         Graph paper

·         Compass

·         Protractor

·         Pencil ***Work will NOT be accepted unless it is completed in pencil***

·         Eraser

·         Calculator with sine, cosine, and tangent functions


Course Outline:

The Topics covered in this course will include:

            Basics of Geometry                                          Transformations

            Reasoning and Proof                                        Similarity

            Perpendicular and Parallel Lines                         Right Triangles and Trigonometry

            Congruent Triangles                                           Circles

            Properties of Triangles                                      Area of Polygons and Circles

            Quadrilaterals                                                    Surface Area and Volume



Rules and Expectations:

Respect my right to teach and students’ rights to learn.  I will, therefore, not tolerate student behavior which keeps this from happening.  Class expectations include, but are not limited to:

·         Students will pay attention, follow all directions, and stay on task

·         No food, drinks, gum, or electronic devices are allowed in the classroom (water is okay)

·         Hats, hoods and sunglasses will be removed prior to entering the classroom

·         No profanity or negative comments are allowed

·         No leaving your seat without permission

·         Cheating is a serious offense and will be dealt with according to the student handbook

·         All school rules apply

Behavior Steps and Consequences:

If a student chooses to break a rule, appropriate action will be taken. For the first offense, students will receive a verbal reprimand. Parent will be called, or emailed, for the second offense. See student handbook for subsequent offense discipline procedures. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the student may be referred to the Assistant Principal immediately.


Attendance/Tardy Policy:

Due to the abundance of group work, class discussion, oral presentations, and in-class activities that cannot be duplicated outside the classroom, regular attendance is vital.  Poor attendance will likely result in less learning, and hence, lower grades.


The school tardy policy outlined in the student handbook will be enforced.  At teacher discretion, the following consequences may be used for the first two tardies each quarter:

·         Sign in on the tardy log (every tardy)

·         Detention



Please see BP6145, Homework Policy Pamphlet, for homework guidelines.  Homework will be assigned throughout the week and will typically be due Tuesday of the following week.


Make-up/Late work Policy:

Students will have the same number of days that they were absent from school to make up their work for an excused absence.  Students will not be allowed to make up work missed if an absence is unexcused.  In accordance with BP6145, if a student is sent to support room, make up work will be treated as if it were an excused absence.  Students may, or may not, be able to make up work missed due to suspension.



Grading Policy:

Your quarter grade will be determined by the total points accumulated according to the following percentage basis (points accumulated divided by total points possible).

·         90 -100%    A

·         80 – 89%    B

·         70 – 79%    C

·         60 – 69%    D

·         0 –   59%    F


Your semester grade will be determined as follows:

                  Quarter 1 (3) and Quarter 2 (4)    80%

                  Semester Final Exam                 20%


Grading Determination:

Each Quarter Grade will be determined as follows:

·         Tests (50%)

·         Quizzes (10%)

·         Materials and Binder Checks (10%)

·         Assignments (30%), which may include

o    Homework (homework will be graded based on a reasonable attempt to complete the problems correctly)

o    Classwork

o    Projects


Parent Link

            I participate in parent link and post grades at least one a week. Whenever possible, grades will be

            posted to parent link the same day the assignment is due, this is especially true in regards to tests.

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I have read and understand the class syllabus, class rules, class policies and we agree to them.


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