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Welcome to:


Mrs. Klapperich, Room #32




Algebra Readiness

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 with Support


What can parents do:

  • Check student's agenda to see daily homework.
  • Look at homework for work shown in pencil and all problems attempted.
  • Check grades on-line via ABI Parent Portal. Grades are available to you as teachers input them. Students also write district assessment scores in their agendas and record on standards matrix.

Resources for help:

  • Students have a list of resources that are available for extra help in the important information section of their math binder. Khan Academy is an excellent on-line resource for math help. I am available for help after school Tues., Wed., & Thurs. (unless I have a meeting or appt.)
  • Students have Note Taking Guides with step by step instructions and examples. This should be used for homework practice.
  • IXL is available for all 8th grade math students. IXL is an on-line program that allows students to practice math skills on the internet. Practice can be done 24/7. Every student has access to IXL with their own ID and password. The more practice, the better!  ; )
  • Practice for STAR testing! It's never too early to get started. Links available on this web-site. See top right side of web page.

Additional Information:

  •  District Assessments can be retaken for the better score within 2 weeks from date district assessment was returned to students. **A reteach must be done on a seperate day prior to retaking the district assessment. Retaking of district assessments is only allowed prior to state testing. No retakes are allowed after state testing.


  • Test scores are recorded for you in student agendas and the rubric scores are also available on the Standards Matrix in the Important Information Section of the math binder. (All scores are available for you 24/7 on ABI Parent Portal ; ) **The standards matrix is a great 1-page snapshot for you to see how your child is progressing


  • Homework is graded on a 4 point scale. Up to 3 points can be earned for trying all of the assigned problems, with work shown, in pencil. 1 point is earned by completing a problem accurately that is selected by the teacher.


  • Algebra 1 textbook is available on-line. Access from Select State and Current Textbook.
  • Set up student account. Student access code is:



  • All assessment scores are based upon work shown only.
  • Only pencil is allowed on work turned in. No Credit is given for anything other than pencil.





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