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Willow Community Day School
Located on the Duncan-Russell School Site

Willow Community Day School (CDS) was established by the Tracy Unified School District as an alternative placement for students who are not succeeding at their home school.  Students attending Willow CDS are given the opportunity to succeed academically and behaviorally in a small classroom setting. Willow CDS has a  20 to one student to teacher ratio. Students at Willow CDS receive the same academic courses, including physical education, as students in other District schools.  Students who are placed at Willow CDS are evaluated to determine their current academic skill level. Students are then placed appropriately with Willow CDS teachers so they can focus on each student's needs.  Students are taught basic study skills to help fill in the gaps-in-learning that may have occurred prior to being enrolled in Willow CDS.  Positive student behavior is a must for students attending Willow CDS. Students are provided counseling and training in positive behavior to help them learn to react to situations in a positive and constructive manner. Willow CDS encourages parental involvement and considers parent/guardian student support as crucial to each student's long term success. 

Willow Community Day School Helps Students Succeed 

Program Overview

Students are given the opportunity to improve their academic abilities, behavioral interactions with other students, and school attendance, thus preparing them for a successful future.
Willow CDS Provides
      • Low student-to-teacher ratios
      • Individualized assessment and instruction
      • Collaboration with school district support services
      • Teamwork with other community resources

Sam Strube, Director/Principal
164 W. Grant Line Rd., Tracy, CA 95376
Phone: (209) 830-3357
Fax: (209) 830-3358




6 First Day of School
School hours are 8:00-2:15 p.m.
There are no early release days.


Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to Willow Community Day School!
Students attending Willow Community Day School are given the opportunity to succeed academically and behaviorally in a positive classroom setting, free of many of the distractions that are often times associated with traditional schools.
Founded in 1999, Willow Community Day School has a high teacher to student ratio that helps to meet our students’ needs. Counseling is also an integral component that helps students learn positive responses to some of the more difficult situations that they may face.
In addition to behavioral supports, Willow Community Day School’s curriculum is aligned with California’s State Standards.  The alignment to standards helps our students achieve grade level success when they return to their resident schools.
As principal, I would also like to encourage parental/guardian involvement. Please feel free to contact me at any time as this support is crucial to each student's long term success. 
Sam Strube
Willow Community Day School Principal