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Graduation Requirements

As part of our efforts to provide every student a meaningful and relevant curriculum that leads to a successful future, the district’s Board of Education approved new high school graduation requirements in 2002. These new graduation requirements reflect changes in state law.

Starting with the Class of 2006, students must take three years of science including at least one course in biological science and one course in physical science. In math, all students must take and pass at least two years of math while enrolled in high school, and one of the two classes must be Algebra I or Integrated Mathematics I (IMP). This requirement may be completed in grade 8.

District high school graduation requirements

To graduate from the district’s high schools, a student must complete 220 credits and will normally carry a minimum of 30 credits each semester while in school. A standard class is worth five credits per semester, 10 credits per year.  Students must complete the total number of credits in each of the areas listed below.

TUSD High School Graduation Requirements 


Beginning with the Class of 2006


40 credits

Social Studies

30 credits


30 credits


20 credits

Fine Arts or Foreign Language

10 credits

Physical Education

20 credits


Students must pass an on-line course or a course that requires substantial on-line class work starting with the Class of 2005.

Required Courses Total

150 credits

Elective Courses Total

70 credits


220 credits


New High School Exit Exam Requirement

Beginning with the Class of 2006, no student will receive a public high school diploma without having passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) as well as having met the district’s requirements for graduation. The CAHSEE has two parts – English Language Arts and Mathematics. The English portion addresses state content standards through grade 10. The mathematics part of the CAHSEE addresses state standards in grades 6 and 7, and Algebra I.

Community Service Transcript Notation

Students who complete 100 hours or more of documented community service will receive a special notation on their transcript.

Certificates of Completion

Students who successfully complete all of the Tracy Unified graduation requirements but are unable to pass the CHSEE will receive a Certificate of Completion in lieu of a diploma.

Students with special education IEP who successfully complete all graduation requirements specified in the IEP but are unable to pass the HSEE shall be eligible for a Certificate of Completion. Students eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion may participate in all senior activities, including graduation ceremonies, subject to appropriate policies.

Parents and students who have questions about high school graduation requirements are encouraged to talk with school counselors.

Valenzuela/CAHSEE Intensive Instruction and Services Program

Lawsuit Settlement

Student Eligibility Notice