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Performing Arts Magnet
TBA, Bands
Mrs. Jennifer Grover, Choir & Piano
Mrs. Ellen DiFilippo, Theatre
Mr. R. Thomas Renner, Visual & Performing Arts Chair, String Orchestra
209-830-3360 x2226

The Performing Arts Magnet is an honorary, academic program for students who wish to earn recognition for their commitment to studying the performing arts at Tracy High School. The instructional program offers an enriched curriculum, preparing students for further study at post-secondary institutions and entry-level career options in the arts and entertainment industry.  Students may choose one of several program pathways: 
1.       Theatre (Acting Concentration)
2.       Theatre (Tech Concentration)
3.       Vocal Music (Choir)
4.       Instrumental Music (Band Concentration)
5.       Instrumental Music (Jazz Concentration)
6.       Instrumental Music (Piano Concentration)
7.       Instrumental Music (Orchestra Concentration)

Each performance pathway leads to specialized certificates and diplomas.  In addition to receiving specialized performing arts instruction, students benefit from frequent performance opportunities, 
individual performance coaching, student leadership opportunities, special recognition at graduation, and special recognition on their official high school transcripts. Upon completion of each year’s
credit you will receive:
   One Year = PAM Membership Patch
   Two Years = PAM Block “T”
   Three Years = Pathway Pin
   Three Years + Certificate Research Project = Certificate & Certificate Graduation Cord
   Four Consecutive Years = PAM Medallion
   Five Years + Senior Recital = Diploma Certificate & Diploma Graduation Cord